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Save the Date


Once again, I am proud to join a group of artists who support a wonderful organization called Beads of Courage.   

What is the Beads of Courage Program?

The Program is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and families coping with serious illness. Through the program children tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment path.

How it works

Upon enrollment each child is given the Beads of Courage bead color guide with a detachable membership card. Their Beads of Courage journey begins when each child is first given a length of string and beads that spell out their first name. Then, colorful beads, each representing a different treatment milestone are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment as determined by the Beads of Courage Bead Guide (available from Beads of Courage, Inc.)The Beads of Courage® Program is available for the following:

  • Cancer and Blood Disorders
  • Cardiac Conditions
  • Burn injuries
  • Neonatal ICU Families
  • Chronic Illness
All Program bead guides were developed in collaboration with experts in the field (nurses, doctors, child life specialists and social workers) so that each bead guide would reflect meaningful acknowledgment of a child’s treatment journey.
So, what do WE do?  
Each of us designs a hand made, unique art charm according to a theme.   This year’s theme is SOAR.   There should be some very cool charms in this auction.   Save the date!  It’s November 14th.   That’s when we will auction these charms and all proceeds will go to support Beads of Courage.   I’ll remind you again for sure.   You won’t be able to buy the art charms anywhere else.   They are very special.   And YOU will feel very special, helping children and families to cope with serious health issues.

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Gettin’ Down With Brown

I hate to admit it but I could not find any “mood music” to go with this getting down with brown blog so I thought I might just post some James Brown so you can get down while you scroll.


Brown used to be one of the least popular colors in the fashion world.   It was perceived as representing earth in its barren or dormant stage.  It was popular with religious zealots who thought that brighter colors signified pride and lust.  Peasants wore it because the dye was cheap and it did not show the dirt as much.   They could not afford to wash as often as wealthier folk.   So brown became symbolic of piety, poverty or at very least, economy and modest ambitions.


Darker, richer browns came to symbolize a solid, hardworking, reliable individual, somewhat quiet, always reassuring.   Indeed, some shades still represent these qualities.  Look at your UPS uniforms.  What do you think when you see that brown uniform?   You associate it with hard work, dependability and maybe a hint of pleasure (associated with your package delivery)



HI DEE!!!!

HI DEE!!!!


Think back to your deepest, primitive genetic memories.   You felt most secure and safest when in your cave or mud hut and surrounded by earth.   Brown is the ultimate earth color, associated with hearth, home, substance and stability.   The richness of chocolate and flavored coffee drinks and their elevation to status symbols has done a lot to lift dependable old brown to an upscale color.

And tell me, when you think of brown rice, whole grains, brown bread and cereal, don’t you think healthy and wholesome.   And the rich honey brown of male syrup has a richness that cannot be denied.


So it seems that advertising has played an important part in how we perceive browns these days.   Terra cotta and brick with their hints of sensual red and quite upscale now.

So what does this mean for your fashion look?   How will people perceive you when you wear brown?   Well…….let’s take a look at the image you might want to project.

Putting it Together

Want to look down to earth, stable, reliable and stable when you go for that job interview?   Go with rich chocolate brown, nut brown, terracotta and gold.   Or use medium brown with a hint of green in your accessories.  Jasper jewelry and some agates in antique gold settings give an earthy and rich look.


Color by COLOURlovers


Jasper earrings from Pebbles at my Feet Studio.   Perfect blend of green and browns.

Or, this gorgeous necklace from Kat’s All That Studio.


Amber and agate bracelet


What if you want to look successful?  Go with traditional autumn hues.   Wear rich reddish browns, barn reds and rich gold.

Color by COLOURlovers

Carnelian jewelry is perfect. Pretty Gonzo Studio has a beautiful bracelet and earrings of carnelian.



Want to look sensual in your browns?   Wear deep chocolate browns with deep purple and a touch of leaf green.   Amethyst and peridot jewelry are perfect.  If you can’t find an amethyst that is deep purple, check out purple goldstone.  Amber and turquoise are great also.

Color by COLOURlovers


Bracelet from Simply Unwired.

Goldstone necklace.


Wearable Art by Jamie Santellano


Beautiful scarf from Brensan Studio. 


I’ve put together an Artfire collection of brown accessories.   Check it out and Get Down With Brown!</ppp

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Fine Art Paintings

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Orange Vibrations

According to Pantone’s book, Communicating With Color, orange is the hottest of all colors.  It’s a high arousal color, glowing and very vibrant.    So, before I start talking about how others perceive you when you wear orange, let’s have a little mood music.   How about some salsa mix?  Hot latino music for lovers?   eh?


Orange has all the drama of red but it is tempered by the cheerful vibes or yellow.  In the language of color, orange is an exclamation point.   It’s so vivid, it’s perceived as playful, gregarious, happy and somewhat childlike.  Sometimes it’s hard for people to take you seriously when you wear orange.   Check out this hat  from Purple Berry Studio on Artfire.   Does it not say playful and fun loving?



It’s not a color to wear to a business meeting where you want to be taken seriously.   The most negative vibration that orange projects is “LOUD and BRASH”.   It definitely calls attention to you.

Orange is the perfect match for fall colors, warm browns and golds.  It adds warmth and vitality to the somewhat muted and neutral colors.   Check out these Fall Glow Earrings from my own Artfire studio and see how they combine with antique gold metal and brown beads to add a warm glow to the accessories.   Wearing orange with these colors gives off an earthy vibrations.



The lighter shades of orange, like peach, melon, apricot and coral give off totally different auras.   People who wear peach are seen as people who are eager to communicate and easy to communicate with.   Coral and apricot appear sophisticated and very upscale.   These are nurturing and approachable colors.   This dress, from Perfect Love Dresses on Artfire is sophisticated and beautiful.



Orange is also a great color for ethnic or tribal looks.   Wear it with plum, gold and red for a really native look.


tribal color palette

tribal color palette



tribal necklace Zelie from my Artfire studio



Remember, when you want to appear playful, fun loving and energetic and maybe just a bit outrageous, put your orange with colors like lime green and hot pink, your “salsa” colors.




Strega Jewellry’s Playful Palette You-Nique Earrings


And when you want to appear warm and glowing, use the fall palette.



Fallberry Necklace




Oh, and don’t forget your eyes!!!



Have I got you excited about the color, orange?   Here’s a whole collection of orange accessories I found on Artfire.


Fine Art Paintings

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Get Red-dy!

Ooops!   Been really lazy this month with all the heat and humidity.  Spent most of my time curled up in the shade reading books and eating ice cream!  Barely blogged and nearly missed my color of the month blog!   I’ve got it covered however.   This month’s color is RED.   So let’s get some mood music going on so you can listen while I tell you all about the color red and its influences on our perceptions.


Traditionally, red implies strength, vitality and heat.  Psychologically, just the sight of it can cause a rise in blood pressure, respiration and heartbeat.  When we “see red”, our pituitary gland goes into action.    It suggests to the brain that we take physical action!  Yes, even an animal can distinguish this color!  No more mystery why a red cape is used in a bullfight!



Red is associated with both aggression and with desire.  The shade of red has a lot to do with your brain and body associations.   Reds with a lot of orange tend to excite or suggest aggression so if you are planning on using red in your wardrobe today, and it is an orangy red, then pair it up with playful spicy colors to lessen the aggressive impulses.




If you were going to choose this scarf, for instance, you could wear it with any of the colors in the above shot.   It’s available, by the way from Morgan Silk on Artfire.    Even without the other colors, the second color gives it a more playful feel.


If your shade of red is mixed with black or purple, the red takes on a more sensual tone.   With black, there is a hint of danger or risk, or of experience with the darker side.


Take this sassy little purse, for instance, from Angelz Bowz on Artfire,.  There’s just enough black with that deep sensual red to hint at a “dangerous woman”.   Pair it with these red/black earrings from Uniquebeadablesredblkearrings

, a red dress and shoes and watch out guys!

If you really want to give off the danger signals, I’ve got a Vampire Fantasy wrap bracelet in my shop



Back in the day, red with purple used to be considered vulgar or overly sexual but now, purple and red is indicative of a more playful, Bohemian style.   How about this cloche from Barbie’s Corner Crochet Boutique? 



So, ladies, if  you want to get RED-DY, I have a collection of red goodies from my guild sisters on Artfire.  You can find almost anything you need.


Fine Art Paintings

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Twice as Nice Bloghop

Welcome! It’s the 14th Bead Soup Café blogger/non blogger challenge and the first one I’ve joined. this one is sponsored by Toltec Jewels. We’ve got 2 palettes to design from for a not so typical Christmas in July hop.   Check them out.  I love both of them!


I’m not crazy about Christmas.  As a pagan, YULE is my winter celebration.   For pagans, Yule is one of the lesser holidays, not at all like Christmas which is a HUGE deal!   Even so, it has a lot of meaning.   Yule celebrates the longest night of the year, a turning point.   We know that even though the coldest part of the winter is yet to come, after Yule, the Long Night,  the nights begin to get shorter and the days begin to get longer, a few minutes every day.  It marks the beginning of the end of the “dark season” and it’s a time of great hope and the promise of spring to come.

In older times, the choicest of the winter stores would be taken out and used for the winter feast as a token of faith that the Lord and Lady would see you through the lean times ahead, a symbol of your belief in the promise of the spring and summer to come, when once again fresh food would be in abundance for all.  Even though your winter stores were getting lower and the game animals were finding it hard to feed themselves and becoming scarcer, that feast would happen.   These days, we don’t have to worry about such things but we still celebrate Yule.  It marks our faith that through any dark times, we will be sustained.   Yule is a happy festival and besides having good food and gathering with good friends, you want to give a special gift to those you care about…….one gift, not a shower of presents like Christmas… gift that means something.

First, how about a little mood music?   Here’s a tune that has been used hundreds of times to represent witchery in all kinds of movies and television scores……Carmina Burana.   The video is pretty cool also.  If you have time to watch and not just listen while you scroll.   It has a joy about it that reflects the season.  It’s a beautiful rendition of Carmina Burana and by far my favorite “Flashmob” video!


I really was drawn to that first palette.   I like that nature theme and while I like the colors in both palettes, the nature theme seems more wintery to me.  I pulled some colors from that first picture for most of my pieces.   I like the fact that is not all red and green like the usual Christmas colors.  There are browns and greys and blues and lots of white/silver for the snow.  And the red and green are more natural, not the glaring brights of the ho ho ho Christmas.   I did take that red color a couple of shades darker but I still think it works.   If you don’t agree…………well there’s plenty of snow to pelt me with a few snowballs.

First up, I made this locker hook bracelet  cuff.   I do love a cuff and the sari silk I had on hand seemed a good match.  I sewed on a a copper filigree then attached a piece of dichroic glass that I made way back when I first learned to make dichroics.  The gold in the sari silk is a bit festive and the copper has an earthy look I love.




Now for a necklace to go with that sari silk.   I had fallen in love with Badger Beads on Artfire.    The artist, Jayne LaRette is a fabulous and friendly lady of great talent.   This beautiful focal bead is the perfect match to the green in that palette AND, it came with 2 matching beads that would give me a pair of earrings.  Woot woot!   I made a faux four-in-one chain, used a copper  disc I hammered out and a bit of sari silk.   The bead can stand alone, it’s so pretty.   I makes a happy little tinkle sound against the disc.


copper necklace

copper necklace


I have to show you the bead up close


and the chain with the sari silk


and let’s not forget the earrings……




I was so excited about the beads I saw in Jayne’s shop, I wrote her a note with the order.  We are guild sisters on Artfire and I like to share my guild sister’s work.   I told her in the note that the bead was going to be my focal and I was so excited about this hop and blabbered on.  I guess I got her excited also because she sent me another bead as a gift and told me to play with it.   PLAY with it!   My favorite words!  And gift!   What a wonderful gesture!   If you get a chance, check out her studio on Artfire or visit her Facebook page and say hello.

This focal bead is such a deep beautiful midnight blue, its perfect to symbolize the Long Night.  I do hope you can see the swirls of antique gold in   I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it until I was listening to some Celtic music that just happened to have a lot of bagpipes.  Well, what is a festival without music and bagpipes?   EH?  (that’s the cue for some more mood music folks, get ready!)


While the colors in this piece are not in this palette, I still needed a Yule gift, so thought I was justified in digressing just a little.   I used antique brwass wire.   Trying to get over my Fear of Fiber, I thought I would add some plaid fabric for a woodsy tartan………just a bit.  This called for a some simple work to really focus on the beauty of the bead.   I almost think this could be a unisex piece with the leather cord.

bagpipe necklace

bagpipe necklace


and let’s take a closer look at that bead with its gorgeous deep blue and swirls of gold and iridescence……woooooot  I’m having fun now!!!




Okay, I’m back to the palette on this next piece.   I pulled out the grey and blue from the wolves and shadows, used a bit of silver for the sparkle of the snow and that woodsy reddish brown.   My little goddess is the focal.   She is Sister Red Star, made from red tiger’s eye and red jasper.   Jasper is a protective and nurturing stone and tiger’s eye helps you make right decisions.   Her energy is the sparkle of a red star in the dark night sky…..a beacon, urging you to forge ahead, the Road is clear.  Trust in the protection of your guides and your instincts.  Her beads are pietersite, a playful stone that helps you pull a childlike quality from deep within.  The energy of the piece is perfect to see you through the rest of a dark cold winter or the dark cold times of your life.



that is a lousy picture of those beautiful beads of brown and bluish grey but it’s too late now…..sigh……

Oh, I’m getting way too deep here, let’s lighten up a bit.    I did want to make something in the second palette with all those beautiful colors.   I found some perfect beads from Spawn of Flame on Artfire.   Look at these beauties!   They are lampwork in that beautiful watery blue green with rivers of silver running through them.   Rosemarie calls them Little Sirona.  Sirona was a Celtic goddess of healing springs who had numerous shrines around sulphur springs and wells .  I thought she would be a perfect “woodsy” goddess for this palette so I created these little “rain chain” earrings.  What a perfect gift for someone in need of healing energy or who wants some bubbly energy from flowing springs.


I think I like the shorter pair the best




Almost as an afterthought, I made these wreaths, pulling only the green and red from the first palette.   They are traditional Christmasy, yes?



Okay, that’s all for me today.   Please stop by and see Rita from Toltec Jewels who is our hostess for this hop!  Thanks Rita fir such a fun challenge!


  1. Toltec Jewels
  2. Renetha Stanziano –
  3. Dini Bruinsma –
  4. Tammy Adams –
  5. Blanca Medina –
  6. Chris Eisenberg –
  7. Krafty Max –
  8. Robin Kae Reed
  9. Kathy Lindemer  – Bay Moon Design
  10. Marde Lowe –
  11. Andrea Glick-
  12. Lee Koopman
  13. Natalie Davidson —
  14. LiliKrist –
  15. Lori Anderson
  16. Tami Norris
  17. Klaudete Koon
  18. Ginger Hammond
  19. Kathleen A Breeding
  20. Veralynne Malone
  21. Shalini Austin –
  22. Sheila Prose-









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Dare to be Different & A Giveaway

I love making earrings. I make a lot of different earrings. I have one friend who wears only one earring. It’s her trademark style and has been for many years now. I have couple of other customers who love wearing earrings that are asymmetrical or a pair of two totally different earrings though in the same colors.

When I participated in the Bead Soup Blog Hop, I saw a lady who had made up several different earrings as a set in case you lost an earring. I realized that I wasn’t the only one doing different things with earrings, like making different earrings that were not the same. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that aside from my own customers, there might be a market out there for people who wanted to be a bit more daring, who wanted something different. So, I got out Pantone’s book Communicating with Color which has tons of different palettes for different moods.

I got out some paint chip cards and started grouping colors together.  Then I went through all my beads and put all the beads from the same palette into bags.  I with basic black and then  chose some other palettes that I thought would serve a general market sample.   I started making earrings.  I decided to go with 7 different earrings for a set.  That gives you 21, (yes I said twenty one) different pairs.   I won’t go through all the other steps, like finding a graphic for each palette, choosing a name, printing out the packaging, etc.  I’ll just tell you that when I finished my samples, I showed them to some ladies.  Some were on the conservative side, others were a bit more bold.  ALL of them loved the idea of having something so totally unique, so totally theirs.  Without any more writing, I present:

Strega Jewellry’s You-nique Earrings……………………chosen with your personality in mind.



Let’s start with basic black, very Classic, Elegant, Dramatic and Sophisticated.  All-black earrings are not boring.  There’s black with silver, black with gunmetal, black with crystal and more.

Set Number One




Set Number Two




This is my “playful” palette.,  People who wear these colors are energetic, playful, fun and unique.  A pixie attitude.   Does this sound like you?



Playful:  mostly blues




Playful:  brights




How about “Romantic”?  Colors are pastels, muted pinks, yellows, mauves, blues and greens.





Warm and woodsy palette, an elven nature and wardrobe.



Warm Palette #1





Warm Palette #2







Or how about a serene palette?  Cool, calm, soothing, watery, undine.



Cool Palette #1



Cool Palette #2


cool palette #3



I’m working on some other palettes.

So, how about it?  Do you dare to be different?  Be You-nique?   A set of 7 earrings, that’s 21 pair, remember, is only 29.00.   These are listed in my shop right now.  Check them out.  All links go directly to the item listed.


Oh, and by the way………all graphics for my packaging came from Graphic Stock where you get unlimited downloads that are yours to keep and use any time and any  place.

And I’d really like it if you check out my friend’s blog  Adore by Nat.  She makes really cool party decorations and other paper crafts and she is going to feature me on her blog this week and also is having a giveaway. 

And now………………ta da……I’m having a giveaway.   You can win a set, just for yourself.  Just enter the giveaway.  Click on the link below…..
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

One of my favorite books is The Language of Clothes, by Alison Lurie.   It’s an interesting take on what we wear and how our clothes influence the perception others have of us.    According to Ms. Lurie, choosing our clothes is our way of describing ourselves.  People with limited income will have a more limited vocabulary while a fashionista will have thousands of words and statements.  Very casual dress is like using slang words.  Accessories are the adjectives and adverbs you use to describe yourself.

One of the rites of passage for young people is to choose their own clothes, to begin to define themselves on their own terms.  When we wear certain colors, we are actually sending a message to others.   We tell people who we are or what mood we are in when we get dressed.

clothes I’ve been reading a book by the folks at Pantone, those color trendsetters, a book about color palettes and how they influence perception, not just in what we wear, but in advertising.   I find it all very interesting.  So, once a month, I’m going to take a color or a color palette and we’re going to talk about the influence of this color, what messages you send out when you wear it.  AND, I’m going to show you accessories, give you the adjectives and adverbs to show you how to speak clearly.   I’ve also come up with a new line of jewelry that is going to fit right in with these little discussions and I think we will all have some fun.

For the first month, I chose black.   It’s a most basic color and it has a lot of messages.  But first, I know you’re expecting  the mood music.



While black is the traditional color of mourning and can be a sobering color when worn by a priest or a nun those are no longer the first impressions we give when we dress in black.


Black implies sophistication, an acquaintance with the darker side of life.  Depending on the richness of the fabric, it can also send a message of elegance.   Black is dramatic, elegant and  sophisticated.  Wearing a touch of white at the wrist or neck implies an innocence underneath, a purity that remains even though one has tasted the forbidden.   When you wear that “little black dress”, you are saying, in essence that you are classy, stylish and a bit worldly.

Of course, there are other blacks.   Bohemian black comes from outfits worn by dancers:   the black tights, turtlenecks with black slacks or skirts.   This type of outfit is also dramatic but indicates an intellectual side, a sensitive serious outlook of an artist, musician, student, intellectual,  poet or dancer.  After WWII, this look came to be popular in France and spread around the world.


And last, but not least, is dangerous black which came into fashion in the 1940’s and taken from the style of Italian fascists.  It’s motorcycle black:  leather jackets, boots, jeans and t-shirts.   Your grunge and punk styles come from this style also.   Your message can be sent as just a bit dangerous to downright threatening, depending on your style.

Biker Chic

Biker Chic


Let me show you some accessories I’ve chosen from my guild sisters hand made items on Artfire.   You will see all of these items and more at the end of this blog in a collection I made.   If you see something you like, to add to your own “look”, click on the collection then the item and you will be taken right to their shop.

First: a dress, the little black dress:   says you are stylish, classy, and sophisticated.


Wear it with this beautiful bracelet from Ann Beading.


Or this wristlet/purse from Creative Shoppe.





Jewelry Supplies
With all the meanings of colors and color palettes in mind, I’ve come up with a new idea for jewelry.  I’m excited to tell you about it, but it will have to wait until later in the week.   We’ll talk about color and I’ll have a new style to show you, one I think is daring and fun.

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Znet Shows Summer Challenge

Znet Shows, a great place to buy beads, has issued a summer challenge to members of it’s design team. We all received cultured sea glass beads and our challenge was to design a set for a Summer Day and one for Summer Nights. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

I had a hard time deciding what to make. I really hate summer now that I’m older. The heat makes me lazy and all I want to do is sit under a shade tree and eat ice cream all day. It wasn’t like that when I was younger so I decided to go back….back to the days when I had more fun.

Those of you who know me, know that I almost always post a song to get my readers in the mood for my design inspirations. I wanted to post Wild Summer Night from the movie, Eddie and the Cruisers but it just wasn’t on You Tube  so I chose Tender Years. It’s a song about innocence, a time before Vietnam, before there were muggings and shootings on the news every day and before people were disenchanted with the government. It was s simpler time.

So, here’s the mood music.  You can listen while you scroll down.








musical interlude

musical interlude



And yes, believe it or not, I was one of those girls who ran around with the “bad boys” with the duck tail haircuts and leather jackets like Fonzi.  And yes, we had drag races at the flats by the river and yes, we swam at the lake all weekend and had beach parties at night with all the cars parked around a big bonfire, radios all tuned to the same station.  The beach played a huge part in our summer fun both day and night.



Our jewelry was simple and quite girlie girl.  This is before the days of Hippie Chic when organic materials and fibers became popular.



I found this great piece of druzy quartz at the rock show.  It was carved into the shape of a shell and I knew I wanted to use that for my daytime piece.  I wanted to keep it simple so I only used 2 of the matte white cultured sea glass beads that Znet sent to me.  I added a couple of freshwater pearls  and made a chain from double infinity links and matte white seed beads.  It’s perfect for jeans and a tank top or “bermuda shorts” which were the thing to wear back then.  The white is perfect to show off that summer tan and makes me think of white hot beach sand.


I think those white sea glass beads really make that druzy pop out, don’t you?  I also hung a sea glass charm from the wire cage a made for the “shell”.


Now, I just need a bracelet to go with this necklace.   I used matte white sea glass drops and dangled them from a chain.  Since charm bracelets were “in” back then,  I added some pewter charms that reminded me of summer, some bare feet, a bird, fish, butterfly.  I made a chain of matte white seed beads and silver tubes from Hill Tribe Silver and used another dainty chain . I made the clasp from a white heart button.


I had some other white dangles that were square (Love them!) so I made some earrings too.   I used the dangles and found some stick pearls that had a bit of a seafoam green tint,  put a chrysoberyle with them and some seafoam green mussel shell drops.  I love these earrings!


This matte white cultured sea glass was my favorite color.   They did send some spring green sea glass leaves.   I used those to make these flower earrings, pastel and girlie girl and perfect to wear with a summery dress.



I think that whether you go to the ocean, a lake or just the city pool, water plays a big part in everyone’s summer.   I was so glad to get these free-form sea glass beads in such a vibrant watery blue.   I used them for my Summer Nights set.  I wanted to capture the essence of “water”, its sparkle and its depth of blueness.   I wired the beads with some tiny silver lined clear seed beads for watery “waves” or shimmer.



Don’t you just love that color?   There were only 4 of them in my package (Wahhh) so I used some beads that I had on hand to fill out the necklace and added a heart locket and chain.   The earrings complete the set.




If you are in need of a set for your own Summer Days or Summer Nights, check these items out in my Artfire studio.   Thanks Znet Shows for sending me this fabulous cultured sea glass beads and letting me join the summer design challenge.   Check out their website and get some of these great cultured sea glass beads yourself!

And a special thanks to Graphic Stock for the cool graphics that helped tell my inspiration story.   Check out Graphic Stock website for all the graphics you can download!  I was lucky to get a sample membership for a limited time and the graphics are mine to use forever just like yours would be if you joined.   You’ll be seeing more of them on my blogs.

Please visit the Znet Shows Blog for a news and sales.  Here is a link to Znet Shows digital magazine , Creative Spark  with designs from the Summer challenge and lots of other goodies.

Creative Spark Summer 2014






And, would you like to visit some of the other design team members and see what they made?

Amy Severino

Andrea Trank



BR Kuhlman











Kay Thomerson



Lee Koopman

Lisa Lodge



Shaiha Williams




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Mojo Jewelry Challenge Week 10

Our challenge this week in Heather Powers Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge was to find a fashion magazine or store and choose an outfit and create a piece to wear with that outfit.

SIGH……you know me too well. Not satisfied with some off the rack outfit, I went to Simplicity and chose a pattern for a steampunk dress I want to make and wear to the Renn Faire. I do love my steampunk.

Here is the pattern and the material to go with it.

steampunk style

steampunk style


The skirt on the right is for me with a black corset and the jacket to match the skirt.   Woot woot!   I may even make myself a black hat too!  With a huge feather!

Remember that poetic inspiration necklace I made?   That is going to go at the neck of this piece and I sure did need a bracelet.

I made some polymer components in black and used some silver Gilder’s paste on them then cold connected them to some filagree rectangles I got from Fire Mountain, made some jumprings to attach them and here we go.




I don’t think I am done with it yet.   It just looks too plain to me.  I’ve got some Sari silk in deep green, gold and rusty color that I think I’ll use to jazz it up a bit.   It’s fine as it is, but I want a bit more ooomph.


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Graphics Mania

Graphic! I love them! I haunt the internet looking for photos I can use. Without fail, the ones I love the best are always on a site that sells stock photos. Some of the prices!!!! OUCH! I’m a struggling indie jewelry maker for gosh sake!

I want to tell you about this great website I found called Graphic Stock. Right now, they have a great offer going on. You can try their site for 7 days for free. Their graphics are terrific! And so many of them! New items are added every day.

Wait, I heard that! Why the heck do you need a subscription to a graphics site? Okay, let me tell you what I do with graphics.

Sometimes, I like to say something special or inspirational to a friend online. Maybe I want to thank them for something they have done for me. Maybe they are going through a rough time and I want to lift their spirits. I can email them something cute or I can post it on Facebook where all their friends can see it. Awww………isn’t that sweet? Look at this little owl. He’s adorable and I found him at Graphic Stock. My grand daughter loves owls and I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated the things she did for me last week. I used him, added some text of my own to personalize him and she was so tickled!

Jessie's owl

Jessie’s owl

If you have a business of your own, you need business cards, flyers for special sales, postcards to advertize special events, jazz up your website or online store, your FB business page or tons of other promotional items. Do you want to use free graphics that everybody and his brother can find on the internet? Or do you want your graphics to be special? Unique? Helllooooo! You already know the answer. I sell jewelry and I found some fantastic graphics of beads and fashion, things I had never seen anywhere else.    And, if you have customers that you value, it never hurts to make a cute bookmark or card to put in their orders.  Who doesn’t love to get freebies? 


Glass Beads



Maybe you do a lot of DIY and craft things with your kids or just for yourself. I’m making resin Christmas ornaments this year, all personalized. Each family member gets an ornament reflecting something they love to do or collect or whatever. Look, my grandson loves to hunt mushrooms. This shot is great! I’ll add some mushroom charms and other stuff in the resin, put Josh’s name on there.  And, I am making the ornaments like snow globes.  Woot woot! You can’t buy things like that at the store!  You would never find a mushroom snow globe ornament.  Never!


Mushrooms Premade Background


Graphic design, Smartphone apps, Motion graphics animations, Video games, Party invitations, Event signs and banners, Presentation slides, Brochures and pamphlets, greeting cards, labels…….endless possibilities.


So, once you try this site out for the 7 day free trial deal, you are going to want to subscribe to that site. A subscription is $49 dollars a month and for that you get UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS! You could stay up all night and download graphics! (Wait! I would never do something line that!) And……drumroll please……….whatever you download is yours to use, for-ev-er. Royalty free! No additional charges! Go compare these rates with other graphic sites.

Yes, even if you cancel your subscription, you still get to use the graphics. Wow! Awesome!
I’ll be blogging about some of the things I make because I am psyched about this site. Oh, did I mention the hundreds of cool Halloween graphics I found? Eh? You know I am Halloween crazy. I usually make purse charms with resins for Halloween           Look!


How cute is this little zombie for someone who is a HUGE Walking Dead fan?


So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Graphic Stock and and you’ll want to take advantage of that great offer, 7 days free.


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