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Things I Love

First and foremost, I love my family.   That goes without saying.   And, I love my extended family, the friends of my heart.  Not going to post all those pix here.

I love animals, particularly my own.

The cat who thinks he is a dog.


Gangsta Dawg

 (dog with an attitude….he HATES this hoodie, but Jacks don’t have much hair and he has to wear something when it’s cold outside)

a dog and his moose

 I love knitting

lots of yarn and knitting books

I make a lot of funky little purses.   I love making shawls.   I make lots of hats for charity knitting.   My grandson likes to model for me.  He is such a ham.

I'm a star! Hamming for the camera.

I love podcasting.   I’ve had a pagan podcast called Salem Avenue for about a year now.  

Computer love

making a show

I love making jewelry.  My first love is metal clay but can’t always afford it.  My second love is wire.  I have tools, wire and books galore.  

beads and cabochons

tools and wire

I love small children

my favorite guys

I love Halloween.  My whole family comes over for the festival and we have a big feast and pass out candy.   Everyone dresses up.  I keep a skeleton in the yard year round and he wears a hat and necklace on St. Paddy’s Day, Easter Bunny ears for Easter……you get the picture.  

the happy hobo (he was scared of his own costume!)

200 pound pumpkin with boy inside

200 pound pumpkin with man inside

I love bonfires and reading good books.  I love movies and music.   I love being outside at night.  I love forests, trees, feeding the birds, lakes, rivers and good food.

Life is good.

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  1. Your blog brings a smile to my face. Thank you! Connecting with another solitary always brings peace to my heart! Goddess Blessings


    Comment by Kimberly F (Bakin_Goddess) | August 31, 2012 | Reply

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