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Wow! I’ve sure been away from my blog a long time! I’ve been SO very busy! Went on a great family vacation to upstate New York for a whole week!

Bought a new house and have I ever had some fun fixing it just the way I wanted! Digging flower beds and transplanting plants from the old house, fixing the inside just the way I want it, unpacking and setting up my workshop in the basement. I have a basement! Researching ideas for my naked back yard (absolutely NO plants in this new yard).
Here is my new Gothic bedroom.


Here are some things I have planted around the patio


Here is my ugly “extra” room in the basement, the empty place where nothing is stored, there is no workshop and nothing but space and ugly walls. I cleaned out the area which was no small job. Believe me, I hired help! A drug addict had been sleeping on a mattress in that back corner. UGH! After the walls got a fresh coat of paint, I started a faux brick wall. I had to teach myself how to do this……… some instructions on the internet and went from there.
This first section took so many hours to do that I knew if I had to pay myself, I could not afford to hire me. Halfway through this first wall, I had the beginnings of a system. By the time I finished the final wall, I had it down pat. I can now do a wall in two four hour days. One to set the work and let it dry and the other to paint. Now I can turn pro! Seriously! One of my friends is buying an new house and thinks he might want his walls done this way. Another friend buys houses and flips them. He said if I could do this kind of work he could hire me and tack on a couple of extra thousand to the selling price. LOL I could start a whole new career! At my age, that’s amazing!




Anyhow, I’ve settled in. The animals have settled down and love their new home. And I am ready to start working on my crafty things………..well, as soon as the guys get finished installing my new furnace I am. So, I’ll be writing about the progress in my “spare” basement room, about some new things I have learned, about the new Etsy shop I am opening and of course, accessories and more accessories! woot woot! I’m back!

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