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Salem Avenue Returns


A few years back, I started a podcast called Salem Avenue.   It’s a mythical place where pagans live.   The podcast is about how to put a bit of magic into everyday life.  It’s a show for people curious about pagan life and how pagans live, day to day.   The hostess is Athmay la Strange.   She talks about stone, herb and animal lore, pagan holidays, and has a strange sense of humor.


The neighbors:

Orra Cull, a druidic type young man who knows lots of strange and wonderful facts about animals.

Coriander, a fussy hedge witch who has a little dog named Pixie.pixie2

Boline, a kitchen witch.

The nosey neighbors, Ms. Buttinski and her fiance, Mr. Ogler who think pagans are strange folk who dance naked in the yard and do other weirdness that probably should be reported to the police.

Tonight’s episode, due to unforseen technical difficulties is raw and unedited with no sound effects, intro or outro.  It can only get better.  Learn about apple magic and get a recipe for herbal tea that will help with anxiety and depression and one for Four Thieves Vinegar.   No idea what use you would have for something called Four Thieves?   Listen and find out.   Salem Avenue Podcast


juicy apples


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Octoberfest Blog Hop

The lovely Rita, of Toltec Jewels is sponsoring this Octoberfest.   We are not limited to post only about jewelry but will share all the things we love about fall.   This is my very favorite time of year, so I will have lots to show you.   Most folks love the foilage and I am not going to post that type of photo.  Rita’s blog button shows that beautifully.


I  LOVE the chilly nights of fall.   We can curl up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and our favorite blankie and watch a movie.   In the summer, when it is so beautiful outside, you can’t do these things without feeling guilty for ignoring the great weather.



APPLES:   I love apples in the fall and ice cold  apple cider.  Apples never taste the same in the summer months as they do when they are fresh off the trees.  They are crisp and tangy and juicy.  AND they are great with that big bowl of popcorn!


juicy apples

juicy apples


The cooler weather always encourages me to break out my knitting needles.  My grand daughter says I am a knitting machine!!  I love to knit.   I do some charity knitting.   There are lots of kids in this poor neighborhood who don’t have warm winter hats or coats.    I usually try to donate at least 10 to the grade school or to the church along with scarves.   I’ve got 8 boys hats made so far and 6 girls.   I love making myself cozy ponchos.  (here’s a pattern).



It’s so much fun to cook in the cooler weather.   After summer’s heat and too many salads, I am ready for hot soups, bowls of chili, plates of spaghetti and some serious beef and beer stew.



   Nicholas loves to bake.   We go out in the morning and gather the eggs from our chickens.   His chicken is the only one who lays white eggs (her name is Chickzilla).   We have to use Chickzilla eggs and bake every day:   muffins, cookies, cake or brownies for our lunch and after school snacks for his brothers.   (did I mention that school starts in the fall?   Yayyy fall!)




002 (2)


And best of all, I love fall for Halloween!   I want to share this light show I found on YouTube.  The theme song is from Nightmare Before Christmas, which we have watched around 2000 times.   Someone else loves Halloween and took a lot of time to set this up.   It is amazing!

Our family is known as the Addams Family.  My house has Halloween stuff all year round and we all love creepy stuff.

Addams Family

Addams Family

It is Addams Family Tradition to make a huge deal of Halloween.   Everyone dresses up and we pass out candy.   One year, my mom and sister were here from Florida and mom, at 89 was still “game up” and dressed as a witch to join in the fun.

My witchmother

My witchmother


Everyone makes something special to eat and we have a big feast!   There are chili dogs, baked beans, salads, nachos with salsa and cheese sauce and plenty of desserts.   One year my grandson won a 120 pound pumpkin by guessing the weight.  That was really special!


Big punkin

Big punkin

monster cupcakes

monster cupcakes

monster cupcakes

witch finger cookies

witch finger cookies

witch finger cookies


We have dummies that we use every year.  Frank and his wife are practically part of the family.   Sometimes Frank is still around at Christmas time.   When the little kids come, it’s not unusual for them to say “Hi Frank” before they say hi Mimi.

Frank and his wife

Frank and his wife


We love Halloween crafts also.   Here is our Frankendoor this year.    Get ideas for your own Monster Door here. 



Nicholas and I made a plate and cup to leave cookies for the Pumpkin King.  (These cool graphics are courtesy of Graphicstock.   If you do a lot of crafting, you might want to check out their site.   You can get a free trial )

for the Pumpkin King

for the Pumpkin King


We made bookmarks to give as treats to our favorite readers.  Great graphics again courtesy of Grapicstock. 




If you would like to join our festivities, post a photo of your own gang on my Strega Jewllery Facebook timeline   I’d love to see it!

And, last but not least, there is Halloween jewelry! Yaaaaay! I’ve been following the Halcraft blog and they are doing a thing they call Macabre Monday. They post a tutorial for creepy seasonal jewelry every Monday. Here is the first one, the Arachnid necklace. I’m going to make all of their pieces! Get your own free tutorial


Here is a little “afternote”.   It’s Saturday and I am spellchcking this when I realized that I posted this tutorial all in good faith that it was going to turn out just fine.  NOT!   I  made 2 of these arachnid necklaces yesterday.  Let me just say this.  The spider legs flop all over the place and instead of laying on your neck gracefully, he flops around and , at times, looked like a squashed cockroach.  I took the spideys off.  The web part of then necklace is just fine.  I’m going to hang another teardrop bead from that center loop.   I have a pattern for a little beaded spider that uses just two beads and I’m going to wire him to one of the corners.   I’ll post that photo on my Faceobook page.  Too late to do it here.  I thnk it will be much better.

Cute little mummy earrings in my shop

mummy earrings

mummy earrings

a cute little witchy purse charm



ghost earrings



I LOVE these cool spidey earrings.  I follow Rena Klingenberg and she always has lots of tutorials in her newsletter.  These are so easy to make I went crazy loco and made a dozen pair plus some larger ones to hang on our Halloween Tree.   This is Rena’s photo so she gets full credit.  Her tutorial is really easy to follow.   I was thinking that I could use these in bright shiny red beads to make Christmas spider ornaments also.  What do you think?

cool spidey earrings

cool spidey earrings


Thank you Rita (Toltec Jewels) for this most excellent hop!   If anyone wants to see what the rest of the hoppers love about fall, here is a list.  Be sure and stop  by  Rita’s blog.  
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