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The month of January is named for the Roman god, Janus. Not a very handsome guy, Janus is always pictured with two faces. One looks toward the past, one toward the future.  He is a fitting god for representing the start of a New Year.   Looking at the past, what changes might you want to make for the future?


Janus is the god of portals, gateways and doorways.

There is always something mystical about a doorway.   What is on the other side?  What realms lie just beyond that door?  What opportunities?   What changes?   What magic?  What mystery?


Doorways imply change.   What will change in your life if you choose this doorway?

Or this doorway?


In 1956, Jim Lowe recorded a song about what secrets might be behind the Green Door.

While most people think of New Year’s resolutions, I think of doors.  What doors do I want to open this year?   What doors will you open?

With this in mind, I’ve made these little door knob necklaces.  A door knob and a key.  Get one and remind yourself to open some new doors this year.   See what happens.   You can find them in my shop or on my Facebook page.

Black & Silver Doorknob Necklace

Black & Silver Doorknob Necklace

Black and silver doorknob necklace in my shop.

Doorknob and Key Necklace

Doorknob and Key Necklace

This doorknob necklace in my shop.


Doorknob necklace in my Artfire studio


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