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Pagan Blog Project Week 3

Pagan Blog Project 2014
Over 200 bloggers are participating. Take one word each week and do some soul searching about what it means to you. It’s a great way tor pagans to take an in depth look at the everyday and to probe their personal thoughts and emotions about their faith.

Week 3 prompt is the letter B
My word is BATH

Please note that I stole this photo from Yankee Candle’s WordPress Blog. I am giving credit where credit is due.  It was the absolute best picture of a beautiful bathroom. I sure didn’t want to use mine.  Thank you Yankee Candle even though you did not give permission.   I doubt you’ll be reading a pagan blog,  but just in case… plus advertising, look at it that way.

Picture 207

Baths are one of my favorite ways to get rid of negative energy. You don’t have to be pagan to use visualization with baths.   I use them even if I am not doing ritual.  I’m always prepared.  I make my own bath salts.  You can make your own.   Start with a base of 2 cups of sea salt, one fourth cup of baking soda, add some color with a few drops of food coloring, shaking well to spread color around, then adding an appropriate oil/s, about 15 drops    I use patchouli the most both for purification and for getting rid of negative energy and stressors. With patchouli I use the color blue.  I use orange and lemon oil for uplifting emotions,when I’m discouraged (color it orange).  The other mix I use most is for a change in fortune, when I need an influx of extra cash flow:  patchouli, a few drops of musk or sandalwood with some dried rose petals and toss in some bay leaves.  Color it green.   I would use bay oil but it is frightfully expensive.

Candles, plenty of .them (Yankee candles come in so many soothing scents…………there ya go Yankee, an extra plug for using that shot)  and soft music help create the mood.

Don’t forget crystals around the edges of the tub.   I’ve also put the proper crystals in a glass container with distilled water and left them in the sun to charge the water and poured that water into the bath.   Rainwater, collected during a thunderstorm and even better at the waxing or full moon, is great for extra energy or to give a boost to any ritual you are doing.   Be leery of using it on your hair though, it makes mine a bit hinky.

Visualization is the most important part of the whole process.   For me, it’s not about the oils, the salts, the candles.   It’s my inner eye that I have to refocus, off the mundane world and on a plane where I am aligned, balanced and beautiful.

So, before I dump those bath salts in, I take time to breathe, focus, then turn on the water.   It’s not coming from a bunch of copper pipes that run under my house.   Beyond the bathroom wall is a portal to another dimension and clear magical water is flowing from a pond deep in a crystal cave.   While that water runs, I am visualizing swirls of clear healing and purifying energy and if I am trying to augment my finances, the water is green, the energy is successful.   Once I am submerged, I surround myself with light


While I soak, I envision healing, energizing, cleansing light and energy soaking into my pores and filling my spirit.   When I am ready, I take a minute to just breathe.   When I pull the plug, all the negative energy around me goes down that drain.   I sit there till the tub is empty, letting stress, dis-ease, negative thoughts, and bad luck flow away until all the water is gone.   Towel off and go on about the day or night.

If I am doing ritual after the bath, I’m much more focused and far less scattered.  There are other times when my life and all the mundane problems of people around me crowd out my creative energy.   I WANT to make something beautiful just to help me feel better but my whirling brain won’t let go of other people’s “stuff” or worry or fears.   That’s the time to get out my “props”, my candles, bath salts, crystals and stones and let a good bath wash away these cares and frustrations so the creative doors in my mind can open.

Okay, that’s enough about my musings.   I’m off to meet some new people.   There’s a link on my sidebar to the Pagan Blog Project if you want to tag along.


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