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Traditional Deck/Ryder-Waite

Traditional Deck/Ryder-Waite

The Fool is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot deck. There is usually such a look of innocence and trust about him. Whenever I check out a new deck, I take a long look at him.

Mystic Dreamer deck

Mystic Dreamer deck

I’ve seen different interpretations for the Fool.  I’ve heard readings where there is usually an admonishment when he is present, not to rush into things, to look before you leap.  I’ve heard that old saying quoted “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.   I’d like to voice my own thought on the Fool and why he pops up in a reading.

Druidcraft deck

Druidcraft deck

Most all of the Fool cards show him with his face uplifted, looking upward and ignoring where he is stepping.   His little dog usually accompanies him, jumping for joy as they travel.  He seems to have everything he needs in his little hobo pack.   I believe he is trusting in the Divine and traveling accordingly. His little companion echoes that trust and love.

His trust in his divine creator leads him where he needs to go.  I think he is telling us to Trust…… our spiritual side, our beliefs, to take our God-given gifts our talents and step into the future.   Yes it may seem like we are standing on a precipice and yes, we could go tumbling to disaster, but we trust that there is a place to step just ahead, a place where we are meant to travel.   It’s fine to be prepared, to think ahead, to make a plan for our actions BUT, if we worry a decision to death, we will be standing in place forever or may miss a great opportunity or experience.  Don’t worry about a dozen different routes, take that first step, start that new path and take with you what serves you well do not bring extra baggage.   You will go where you were meant to be.  Even if you make a mistake, or you are not wildly successful, there is a lesson there you must need to learn.   Trust.  And travel lightly.

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Divination: Tarot and Tea Leaves

Not all pagans are readers. Not everyone is interested in foreseeing future events nor is every pagan adept at reading.

Just because you can do one type of reading, does not mean you can do all types of readings.

When I bought my first deck of tarot cards, I only half believed that they would “work”.  I read through the book, well sort of……. I read about the different suits and I read about the Major Arcana then studied a little bit about individual cards. At the commune one day, over coffee, I was talking to my 3 closest friends and of course they wanted a reading. We all thought it was quite a lark and I laid out the cards for my friend Kay. She and her husband Will were quite the perfect couple with two adorable children and the unofficial leaders of the group effort.   I laid out the cards then laughed right out loud. “Kay, this is the craziest thing! These cards say you are thinking of leaving Will. You will meet a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes and though it will take some thought, you will probably leave. My reading ceased to be hilarious. She looked at me with soulful eyes and told me “I’ve already met him. His name is Mack and I’ve been seeing him for two weeks”.  After the shock wore off, I realized that knowing the future can lead to unwanted intimacy.  I would rather not have known my friend’s secret.   After all, they were both my friends and I felt bad keeping such a secret from Will.

tarot cards

tarot cards

. I knew right then that this was not a parlor game, but some way to tap in to a universal consciousness and pick up information just floating around in the Universe. How it happens is beyond me. I’ve tried different decks. I’ve seen online “classes” and deep interpretations of the meanings of each card. Still, though I know basic things, I am not a student of Tarot meanings. How the information comes to me remains a mystery. Somehow, I quiet my mind and shuffle then lay down the cards. I do not ask leading questions, I do not do a long study of the layout. I simply say what flashes through my mind and I speak.
When I was reading frequently, I could tell if trouble was coming:  problems for the reader, by the way the cards shuffled. If it was a struggle, the cards did not want to fall together easily, there would be information the person did not want to hear. If they shuffled easily and smoothly, it would be a “good” reading. Once, my hands shook so badly when shuffling that I refused to do the reading. I found out why later. When my son was missing, I went to another reader whom I trusted completely. She laid out the cards and told me he was alive and gave me hope. I looked at her layout and knew he was dead.

Only twice have I doubted myself since that first reading. Once, a friend brought me an acquaintance of hers. I had never seen this woman before. I could tell she was from a rather affluent family and she presented herself as a person as one of those sugar sweet girls who would do no wrong. . When I laid out her cards I was appalled. How could I say this to her? She was such a “nice” girl! I took a deep breath and said “It seems here that you are pregnant”. She started to cry. I then told her that she was not sure who was the father, it could be one of two men. She cried harder. Then, gaining confidence that it was a true reading, I told her that the man she wished were the father was most likely not the one and she would have hard decisions to make. I was right on, all the way.
The only other time, I did a reading for a very very skeptical friend. He was seeing two ladies and both had had hysterectomies. When a “BIRTH” came up in the reading, he laughed and taunted me. Three weeks later, he called to tell me that one of the women had called him and she knew not how, but was presenting symptoms of pregnancy and wanted to talk to him. He laughed no more. And I never doubted myself again.

There are so many ways to try divination:  tarot, palm reading, scrying, candle flames and tea leaves are most common.


I’ve never been able to do any others.   I tried crystal gazing and scrying with minimal success.  They seemed to be better for meditation than for readings.  Tea leaves are way beyond me.   In fact, I see nothing when I look into the bottom of the teacup.  Perhaps I do not spend enough time contemplating while I drink the tea.   Perhaps it is because I am a more visual person and color and form speak to me more than contemplation.  I would love to hear from other readers and how they think their intuition comes to them.

Tea leaf readings fascinate me.   I found a lady through PBP who does really good readings.  You should check out Alverdine’s blog here.   Every month, she does a “Cup of the Month” reading and posts the picture of the cup and her interpretation online.   Next month, her cup of the month will be my reading.   It’s supposed to be anonymous but I do not mind letting anyone know that the reading is mine.   With her permission, I am posting a picture of my “cup” here.   You should check back next month for my reading and see how she interpreted my leaves.   You may want to get a reading of your own.

Okay:  here is my cup.


Now, when I look at this, no matter how hard I try, I really see nothing but tea leaves.  Well, if truth be told, there might be a giant hand over there on the right, trying to scoop up a pile of something.  I can only wish it would be CASH!   LOL   Or, if I look a little harder, maybe on the right is a giant, not like the Jolly Green Giant but maybe like the Iron Giant (I watch a lot of little kids movies) and maybe he has an erect phallus like Kokopelli.   Well, you can see where MY mind goes trailing off to.  Believe me, I have seen Alverdine’s interpretation and it in no way resembles my own.   Tell me what YOU see.   And be sure and check with her next month to see what she read for me.   Once you read it, you will wonder why you did not see what she saw.   You will also be amazed that she got so much out of the dregs of a cup of hot tea.

To sum up, if you are trying to decide which divination method to use, I do not believe it is possible to just say “OH, I am going to learn to read tarot cards”……..or tea leaves, or whatever method looks cool to you.   You will have to experiment and see what resonates with you, what vibrates.   Then, do what comes naturally.

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