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Challenge of Music

Erin's Challenge of Music

Erin’s Challenge of Music

Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati has come up with yet another unusual challenge for us. She has done this in part to create awareness for an increedible organization Music & Memories. These folks supply Alzheimers patients with Ipods and playlists. Patients show improved memory function and interactive skills after listening to their favorite tunes. If you visit their webpage, you will see an incredile video featuring a man who barely spoke at all yet after listening to a tape of his old time favorite tunes perked up and chattered away with others.

Music plays such an integral part in our lives. Tunes we hum or sing along with brighten our days. Music can take us back to a happier time, to some crazy memories, it can soothe us when we are sad and calm us when we are angry.

Here’s what we had to do for Erin’s challenge:    Pick a song, one from another year that evokes a memory.  Use that song to inspire us to create a piece of jewelry.

I chose a song that came out in 1977, written by the talented Stevie Wonder.   It’s a song about music and how it plays such a part in our lives.   When this song was popular, I had met Ben and Justin’s father and we fell in crazy  loco love.   We both loved music and loved to dance.   When we danced, we were like that couple in Dirty Dancing, eye to eye, in sync, fancy steps.  Once, when we went out to dinner, my first time out in cool clothes since Justin had been born, we danced to this song.   You know those old corny movies when the cute couple dances and everyone else clears the dance floor then breaks out in applause?   That happened to us.   That’s  the way it was with us.    We would dance in the kitchen, the living room and out on the sidewalk if one of “our songs” came on.   And people loved us!

Here’s the song

Here’s the lyrics, just in case you didn’t get them. ( Sir Duke, by Stevie Wonder).

Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand
With an equal opportunity
For all to sing, dance and clap their hands
But just because a record has a groove
Don’t make it in the groove
But you can tell right away at letter A
When the people start to move

They can feel it all over
They can feel it all over people
They can feel it all over
They can feel it all over people

Did you feel it?   It’s happy, it’s young, its alive with LIFE!

Here’s my bracelet.   It’s orange and peach and creamy white, young vibrant and happy colors.   The chain and the music notes are gold because gold is rich and warm.   The little charm is one I got from Tealwater Designs in the Art Charm Exchange.   My bracelet is not original or trendy but it has LOTS of beads that will click and shoosh with a percussive sound when I wear it and give a beat to my day as I work or play.


I’m going to keep this bracelet and not put it in the shop.  But, Erin is going to have an auction after this blog hop, to benefit Music and Memories Organization.   So, I wanted to make something to put in the auction.   I made these little earrings, a variation on the art charm I made and my own design so here we go.   I’ll let you know when the auction is held so anyone interested can support this organization.

Earrings for auction.

Earrings for auction.

If you want to see what others have made, check out Erin’s blog.

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4th Annual Challenge of Color


Once again, Erin Prais-Hinz, of Tesori Trovati, has given us a fun color challenge.  This time, she told us about Colour Lovers, a great place for people who love color, creating palettes and coloring patterns.   So, now I have another place to play, as if Pic Monkey, Pinterest, Pogo and Facebook weren’t enough.   I’ve had lots of fun there, creating color palettes and even have a couple of followers.

Anyhow, I created this palette (

Color by COLOURlovers

So, let me tell you how I came to make the piece I created.

I’m always looking for fun stuff to do with my grandkids.   I love to teach them things, to learn new things with them and to make things with them.   Family Fun Magazine had an article about how to make a “sauce” using bananas and brown sugar, how to “paint” it on your tree trunk or mailbox post then go out late at night with your flashlights and watch moths feeding.   The Great Moth Caper is what we call this.

I’m drawn to moths like some folks are drawn to butterflies.   I love their dark and mysterious colors and their dusky wings.   I feel bad when I find one in the house who has lost his way chasing the lights we burn at night.   When I saw this plain old gold color moth focal, I just had to have it.   It’s laid around for 6 months, waiting for me to do something with it.   Here was my opportunity.   I put a patina on the moth focal using colored pencils.

I did not want  bright colors and colored pencils give the patina a more fragile look.   I had some faceted glass beads with the misty gray/purple color I wanted to use then found those gold and midnight purple beads at JoAnn’s.   I decided that antique gold was a better color to represent the night time than bright shiny gold.   I made the figure 8 chain by hand.   If you like it, you can find the pattern in Step by Step  Wire Jewelry Magazine, the December/January 2014 issue.

Finishing touch:   some tiny stars of purple goldstone.

I call this piece Midnight in the Garden.

Midnight in The Garden

Midnight in The Garden

muted colors with colored pencils

muted colors with colored pencils


handmade chain

handmade chain


One “twist” to the challenge was to take the last word of each of the colors in the palette and make a sort of tone poem.  The last word of the color would be the first word of the next line.   This wasn’t easy, especially with the colors in my palette.   Here they are:

Mauve Eyes      Sweeter…….  Dark Grape……………….    Wedding Lilac………..    Smokey Wings

This is the tone poem I came up with

Eyes of shade

Sweet masquerade

Grape draped shadows

Of lilac mysteries

Wings of smoke

Eyes of midnight

In the garden

As always, I’ve had a great time, thanks to Erin Prais-Hintz whose challenges always lead me down new paths.    Why don’t you check out what the other artists have done with their challenge?   Here is the link.

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I said there would be no more blogs until after Christmas but I was wrong.  

Two women have inspired me this week.   Ann Curry, the newscaster put out a call for 26 Random Acts of Kindness to honor the memories of those  slain at Sandy Hook.   Other women are taking this a step further.  

If you can visit this blog Kind over Matter you will find some great ideas for random acts of kindness, little things you can do to make someone’s day a little better.   I don’t know about you, but when I do some little thing, no matter how small, for someone else, it makes my whole day better.  

There have been stories on the news this week about paying it forward.  I love that idea and always have.   Any time I have done some small thing, I have found it returned to me later threefold.   Paying it forward doesn’t just mean paying for someone’s coffee or layaway.   It can be as simple as going out of your way to take time to help someone else with directions if they are lost, going next door to that old man’s house, the one who lives all alone, and taking some cookies, or chcking on that neighbor in the wheelchair when the power goes out.   You can find a hundred ways to spread a smile or a laugh. 

Here’s another inspirational post by one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Prais Hintz.   She is starting a little project called Operation S.A.N.T.A.    Santa should not just be heard from at Christmas.  He is not just some old fellow in a red suit that delivers presents.   What he truly has come to mean is the spirit of giving, not just of gifts, but of your time, your kindness and your caring.  

Erin’s acronym:  S imple  A cts   of N iceness to All

Oh, I know we all try our best to do right things whenever we can, but what if we ALL did at least one nice thing each and every day?   What would happen?   What if everyone on all of WordPress did exactly the same thing?  One act of kindness every day?  The acts would spread and multiply and maybe, just maybe, the whole world would get a little kinder.  

I’d like to see that.   I’m going to put that little button at the top of my page on my sidebar to remind me to join in the kindness and see what happens.   Stop by Erin’s blog and let her know you are joining in.  What a wonderful legacy these children of Sandy Hook have inspired.  Women everywhere, men too, instead of arguing and blaming and bemoaning the fate of the world are coming together in kindness and caring.  

Since my own son was killed, I have believed that to return violence with hatred and anger and more violence only means that the murderer has killed not just one person, but a great number of people.   To rise above that anger and hatred, we need to reach inside ourselves and find decency and pay that forward and make the world a better place, not a worse place.   I refuse to let killers win a victory with ther actions.   I can’t ignore what they do.   I will not be nice to them, but I will not let their actions color my own actions.

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