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Creative Sparks Winter Issue


Creative Spark Fall 2014 Winter 2015

I am a proud member of the Znet Shows design team.  This means that, from time to time, I receive some of their beads which I must then use to create original pieces which may or may not be used in their ezine, Creative Spark.

Znet Shows is a wholesale website that has some really beautiful cultured sea glass which I LOVE to work with.   When they sent me beads for the winter issue, I was so happy with the colors and the styles!  THEN I read the enclosed and realized the theme I had to work with was ICY.   ICY!   and sea glass which makes me think of sunny beaches, not snow and ice.  What the heck were they thinking?

I was stumped for a while but one day just got out all my beads and started letting my brain do some mental doodling.   Actually, the colors they sent and the frosty look of sea glass was perfect for the wintery theme.

I’d like you all to go take a look at the winter issue of Creative Spark!  There are some very talented artists who are use other types of beads from Znet Shows so you can get an idea of what else they offer at their site.  There are earring tutorials and there is a great article about Yoga for Beaders.  To see this issue,  you can go to this link.   Enjoy it.  Share it with your friends!


I didn’t use all my beads this time.   These beautiful little starfish are going to be perfect for some summer barefoot bracelets!  And there are so many more colors!  I WANT!


and, I need some of these pretty little shells also though there are so many different colors I can’t decide which.


and I have a strand of these beautiful sea blue chips! (Znet calls them pebbles, very apropos).   I see earrings and a bracelet happening!


and I absolutely must buy some of these delightful fishbone beads.  They will make perfect daggers for a Halloween design I want to make later this year.


A huge thanks to Hope Smithereen whose hard work is evident in this beautiful issue and to Bill Zhang of Znet shows who is kind and generous and easy to talk to and also runs Graphic Stock.

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Znet Shows Summer Challenge

Znet Shows, a great place to buy beads, has issued a summer challenge to members of it’s design team. We all received cultured sea glass beads and our challenge was to design a set for a Summer Day and one for Summer Nights. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

I had a hard time deciding what to make. I really hate summer now that I’m older. The heat makes me lazy and all I want to do is sit under a shade tree and eat ice cream all day. It wasn’t like that when I was younger so I decided to go back….back to the days when I had more fun.

Those of you who know me, know that I almost always post a song to get my readers in the mood for my design inspirations. I wanted to post Wild Summer Night from the movie, Eddie and the Cruisers but it just wasn’t on You Tube  so I chose Tender Years. It’s a song about innocence, a time before Vietnam, before there were muggings and shootings on the news every day and before people were disenchanted with the government. It was s simpler time.

So, here’s the mood music.  You can listen while you scroll down.








musical interlude

musical interlude



And yes, believe it or not, I was one of those girls who ran around with the “bad boys” with the duck tail haircuts and leather jackets like Fonzi.  And yes, we had drag races at the flats by the river and yes, we swam at the lake all weekend and had beach parties at night with all the cars parked around a big bonfire, radios all tuned to the same station.  The beach played a huge part in our summer fun both day and night.



Our jewelry was simple and quite girlie girl.  This is before the days of Hippie Chic when organic materials and fibers became popular.



I found this great piece of druzy quartz at the rock show.  It was carved into the shape of a shell and I knew I wanted to use that for my daytime piece.  I wanted to keep it simple so I only used 2 of the matte white cultured sea glass beads that Znet sent to me.  I added a couple of freshwater pearls  and made a chain from double infinity links and matte white seed beads.  It’s perfect for jeans and a tank top or “bermuda shorts” which were the thing to wear back then.  The white is perfect to show off that summer tan and makes me think of white hot beach sand.


I think those white sea glass beads really make that druzy pop out, don’t you?  I also hung a sea glass charm from the wire cage a made for the “shell”.


Now, I just need a bracelet to go with this necklace.   I used matte white sea glass drops and dangled them from a chain.  Since charm bracelets were “in” back then,  I added some pewter charms that reminded me of summer, some bare feet, a bird, fish, butterfly.  I made a chain of matte white seed beads and silver tubes from Hill Tribe Silver and used another dainty chain . I made the clasp from a white heart button.


I had some other white dangles that were square (Love them!) so I made some earrings too.   I used the dangles and found some stick pearls that had a bit of a seafoam green tint,  put a chrysoberyle with them and some seafoam green mussel shell drops.  I love these earrings!


This matte white cultured sea glass was my favorite color.   They did send some spring green sea glass leaves.   I used those to make these flower earrings, pastel and girlie girl and perfect to wear with a summery dress.



I think that whether you go to the ocean, a lake or just the city pool, water plays a big part in everyone’s summer.   I was so glad to get these free-form sea glass beads in such a vibrant watery blue.   I used them for my Summer Nights set.  I wanted to capture the essence of “water”, its sparkle and its depth of blueness.   I wired the beads with some tiny silver lined clear seed beads for watery “waves” or shimmer.



Don’t you just love that color?   There were only 4 of them in my package (Wahhh) so I used some beads that I had on hand to fill out the necklace and added a heart locket and chain.   The earrings complete the set.




If you are in need of a set for your own Summer Days or Summer Nights, check these items out in my Artfire studio.   Thanks Znet Shows for sending me this fabulous cultured sea glass beads and letting me join the summer design challenge.   Check out their website and get some of these great cultured sea glass beads yourself!

And a special thanks to Graphic Stock for the cool graphics that helped tell my inspiration story.   Check out Graphic Stock website for all the graphics you can download!  I was lucky to get a sample membership for a limited time and the graphics are mine to use forever just like yours would be if you joined.   You’ll be seeing more of them on my blogs.

Please visit the Znet Shows Blog for a news and sales.  Here is a link to Znet Shows digital magazine , Creative Spark  with designs from the Summer challenge and lots of other goodies.

Creative Spark Summer 2014






And, would you like to visit some of the other design team members and see what they made?

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