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Colors Talk Part III

If you have been following Colors Talk, you know I have been intrigued by the emotional impact of colors.  I’ve looked at many other Artfire shops to see what messges they sent through their choice of banner and avatar.   I’ve used Pantone’s Guide to Communicating with Color as my standard.   Now, I’m going to pick apart my own avatar and banner and try to make some constructive changes.

I originally chose blue for my avatar.  Blue inspires trust  and I wanted viewers to trust and depend on me.   However, I went way too far.   My muted blues are on the gray side.  The woman, portrayed in these muted shades, seems to say she is a lone wolf a solitary (not necessarily a bad thing) but not what I intened.

my first avatar

Colors from Pantone’s “Muted Palette”  are similar to the Naturals Palette but they are low-key, maybe too low-key to invite interest.   My woman may appear aloof or too mystical for the average person, too serene and self centered.

I have to decide what I want my avatar to say about me?   Of course, I want to appear unique (who doesn’t?).   I am a deeply spiritual lady with an earth based religion, stronly connected to the natural world.  Pantone’s “Spiritual Palette” uses purples, the Natural Palette uses browns.  Pantone’s “Unique Palette” gave me some options.

First, I tweaked my lady.

first tweak

Now, she is brighter, more woodsy, with a hint of sunshine.   I think she is more inviting.

Next, I added a burgundy background.

2nd tweak

See how that burgundy blends in with the browns and seems to add a more spiritual quality?   I like it, but not enough.

Next, I beveled the photo so there is a bit of black for drama and there she is!   I really like her much better than the blue lady.   She is warm, inviting, a bit sensual, a bit spiritual.

finished avatar

What do YOU think?   What does she say to you?

Now, we’re going to pick apart my banner.

I used a shot of a finished piece.   I used it because:

1.   It was a good shot

2.  I like the blues (trust and dependability again) and because there was part of a pentagram and a tarot card in the shot which told the knowing viewer than I am Wiccan.


So, what’s wrong with it?

1.  It seems to imply that all my jewelry is Wiccan and that’s not true.

2.  The pentagram is a very misunderstood symbol.  To Wiccans, it is a symbol of balance, man’s harmony with nature.  To the uninformed it is a satanic symbol and puts people off.

3.  The jewelry piece is not very colorful and it is very plain.   While blue chalcedony has meaning for me, it is not a stone that is commonly appreciated.   And, again, we have the muted gray blue color.

Three Strikes!   Banner is OUT!

Now what?   What am I about?   What do I want to tell you about myself with color?

I am about experience.   I love to experience life, try new things, new media, new ways of doing old things.   I love tradition and lore, stone lore, history, my religion, my family.   I am an old hippie who loves beads and weird things and believes that “stuff” does not have to be gold, silver or precious stone to be beautiful.   I am inspired by the natural world and by otherworlds, worlds of fairies and dragons, wizards  and far away stars.   Wow!   I can’t get all THAT in a banner!!

Let’s see what I CAN say.

First:   I’m going to start with a photo of a piece of my work.  I chose the Dark Zone pendant because I love its beauty, it’s a good shot and lots of others seem to like it because it’s been featured in lots of collections.

Dark Zone Pendant

Now, I am going to tweak it a bit, make it look a little more dramatic by beveling the edges and adding some black.


Dark Zone Tweak

I think that silver lettering will match up just perfectly with the photo and any background I choose.   I’ll tweak that lettering just a little bit to add some edges and refine it.

I’m undecided between a burgundy background and a rich brown.   Burgundy is rich and spiritual, brown is earthy.   I’ll try them both.   You will have to visit my Artfire studio to see what I came up with.   Please leave any comments………..tell me what the colors make you feel.   I want to know if I have succeeded in making some positive change.


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Colors Talk

I’ve been reading Pantone’s Guide to Communicating with Color by Leatrice Eiseman.   I was already familiar with color “vibrations” from reading The Language of Clothes and had done a blog about Wearing your “Colors” and a podcast about what clothes to wear for magical energy on my Salem Avenue show.

Pantone’s Guide shows you, in glowing color photos, how to use the emotions that colors evoke by choosing carefully what palettes you use in advertising.  Reading it prompted me to examne my own avatar and banner at my Artfire shop to see if I was “saying” what I wanted to convey.

I thought I would take a look at some guild sister’s blogs to see if what Pantone advised was fairly accurate.   This turned out to be a fairly long blog for me, so grab a cuppa whatever you like and let’s take a look.

I’ll start with Ginger, whose avatar for her shop, Personal Oasis, uses the “Naturals” palette, creamy beiges, tans, leafy greens.    Her banner matches her avatar.

Personal Oasis

The message of the “naturals” palette imples authenticity, serenity, harmony with surroundings.  Words that might come to your mind when looking at the palette are quality, timeless and classic.

And that is exactly what you will find in her shop.  Ginger uses pearls and natural stones.  Take a look at this necklace and see if you agree.

Let’s go next to Blue Tina’s Artfire shop.   The name and the avatar both reflect the images that the color blue evokes:   reliability, dependability, trust, confidence.   Blue is also a restful color.

Blue Tina

Tina uses both brilliant blue (which is different from dark blue or electirc blue or pale blue in emotional response) and contrasts it with white.   The mental images evoked by these colors are:  vibrant, dramatic, energetic, and dynamic.   From this association, you would expect her work to be simple but dramatic, solid and good quality.   Here is one example.   Visit her shop and see if you agree.

Egyptian Fan Necklace

Onward to Entwined Vines.   Tina and Tama have an avatar that is almost totally green, vegetion, growing things, as befits their name.   But their store banner is purple.   Hmmmmm.

Entwined Vines

What does the avatar tell us about their shop?   Green, a soothing color, elicits a close to nature response which is doubly emphasized by the plant life in the photo.  From the emotions evoked by the color green and the word associations, you would expect their work to be refreshing, natural but unique, yet traditionally rooted.   Their purple banner evokes a different response.   The color of purple used in their banner says sentimental, spiritual, genteel and nostalgic.   The two responses do go together and blend so that you would expect work that reflects their love of nature, traditional but refreshing with an emphasis on thier spiritual inclinations.   Take a look at this example, visit their store and see if you think the work reflects what you expect to find.

Goddess necklace

Dixie Dazzle Designs’ avatar features a favorite piece in light teal.   Teal is a combination of both blue and green and will evoke emotions from both colors but to a lesser degree.

Dixie Dazzle

These colors are from Pantone’s “Cool” palette and lead you to expect the new, clean and refreshing designs with a solid, dependable base.   Check out this necklace and take a stroll through her shop and let me know what you think.

Jasper and Turquoise Necklace

Last, but by no means least, we come to the shop of Midnight Whispers.   Her name by itself implies mystery, drama and secrets that only a select few will share.   Her avatar uses colors from the palette that Pantone calls “Elegant”:   a deep, almost black purple, gunmetal gray and hints of deep navy.

Midnight Whispers

The responses this palette evokes are elegance and opulance.  You would expect very distinctive and classy jewelry.   Here is a necklace that I think truly lives up to these expectations.

Bohemian Necklace

Well, I TOLD you this was going to be a long blog.  I do hope it has given you some things to thnk about.   I have lots more to share so I’ll be doing Part Two of Colors Talk in November.   In Part Three, I’ll take a look at my own avatar and banner and ask you some opinions.   From what I’ve learned so far, I am not satisfied with what I am using.   I’d like some honest feedback before I make any changes.  I value your opinions.    Maybe you’ll be looking at your own avatars and banners too.   I also hope you have had a bit of fun with this.   Maybe you will check out this book for yourself.  Let me know.

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