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Language of Clothes: Neutral Colors


Bare trees, grey skies, dormant earth; this is the perfect time to talk about neutral colors.

Dead trees

(Image from Graphic Stock:  get a free trial membership)

Neutral tones are the classics in the language of color.  They are the colors of pebbles and stones, ancient monuments and buildings.   Their combinations are basically simple; they speak of lasting stability and endurance throughout time.

What does this say to you fashion-wise?  Suppose you are having a “scatterbrain” day, you energy all over the place but you have an important meeting or presentation and want to appear credible.   Get out those greys or beiges or taupes and present yourself as a stable person, one that can be counted on.  Sometimes, I think that by dressing this way, you have half convinced yourself to calm down and actually BE stable.

Let’s take the colors individually.   What do they say?

Beige says warmth and gives of soft vibrations.  It does appear a bit bland at times so dress it up with accents of rich brown for a more earthy look or carnelian for a more fiery and successful look.


Chiffon Dress from Modest Case on Artfire

Chocolate Necklace and Earring Set from Vintage Treasures


or take these earrings from Zoe Jane for a wholesome beachy look


Cream is so similar to beige but lighter.  It gives off a soft warm but rich vibe, like frothy latte.  If you add some shell pink to your chocolate, you’ll have a sweeter note to your palette and vibration.   Or add some gold for a more sophisticated and opulent look like these rosy brushed copper and gold dangles from my own shop.


Olive is a great neutral color which, because of its use in camouflage has taken on a somewhat negative vibration sending a drab and utilitarian message.   Dress it up with rich carnelian accessories.  Or add scarves with a hint of electric blue.  Make your palette with rust, antique gold and turquoise or maybe a deep, rich purple.  Try this Desert Palette Carnelian Necklace.


Taupe has a basic vibe that says timeless, stable, and practical.  Dress it up with some navy blue and gold or try lapis like this pendant from Bead Souk.


And last, but not least, grey, which comes in many shades (but maybe not fifty).   Charcoal grey is very close to black and carries its sophisticated vibes.  It gives you a mature, sophisticated and professional look with solid and enduring undertones.   You will be perceived as a person who can be counted on.  To dress it up, you can use hints of the darker reds or a bit of white and you will truly have a classy look.

Noir Earrings


Solitude Pendant


Medium grey will give you a serious corporate sober look. very practical.   You will appear poised, quiet and modest.  You can add turquoise, coral or dark black for contrast and a less serious look.

Chunky Turquoise Necklace


Light grey’s message is “mystery”.   It’s the color of fog and will-o-the-wisps, a somewhat ghostly hue.  If you want to play up that mysterious look, add a wisp of mauve or lavendar for a romantic overtone.

Love’s Illusion Dichroic Necklace


If you are looking for natural/neutral accessories I’ve put together and Artfire Collection from the artists in my guild.   There are some beautiful pieces.







Craft Tutorials

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