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Language of Color: Green Vibes

According to Alison Lurie, the author of the Language of Clothes, green is the color for outlaws, fairies and Irishmen.

Pantone’s Communicating with Color states that according to scientific word association tests, most people equate green with nature, the outdoors and growing things.

The deeper shades of green with touches of black, like forest green and pine green give off quiet and traditional vibrations when you wear them.   Old money and prestige are also vibrations of this color.  Classic, classy and timeless are also words that come to mind.   This green can almost be used like a neutral color.  Almost anything will go with it.  This is your green most often used with fairy attire, the dark blends with forest pines and a grey tint gives the green a bit of mystery.


These earrings from Paisley Lizard’s shop are perfect to wear with any color.  Their rich forest green with hints of deep blue  says class and style.


Emerald green, the lush bright green of the Green Man and Irishmen says, lush, fresh, lively, outdoorsy and connected to nature, very earthy and fertile.  When you add some blue to the emerald, the vibes you give off are soothing and cool, like ocean waves.


These earrings from Cherry on Top Designs are a perfect example.


or this scarf from Morgansilk


Mint green, or pastel green has cool and soothing vibrations.  when you wear it, you appear fresh and cool and calm.


Circle Dance from Shaiha Designs.

Lime green says lively and refreshing, bouncy and vibrant, but be careful wearing it.  Wear it as an accent to liven up any outfit!   Too much lime can give you an air that puts people off…..they may think of tart acidic things.    Here is lime with different combinations of color to offset the harshness.


These lime earrings from Steider Studio on Artfire are a perfect happy accent accessory.


And this ring from Kelly Hostford Patterson’s shop, Pyxee Styx, is just so much fun, I would wear it with anything.


Remember what we said about olive green when we talked about neutral colors.  It has such traditional associations with military olive drabs that you need to accent it with gold and russet colors,

So there you go.  Choose your green to suit your mood.   Here is a collection of accessories from my guild sisters on Artfire.     Surely with all these shades, you can find something fun to wear.

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