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In the Pink: Language of Clothes for February

February is Heart Month and of course, Valentine’s Day is the big commercial holiday so it’s only fitting that I chose pink for the color vibration of this month.   What are the messages you send when you wear pink?

When you wear pale pink, you send out a romantic vibration/message.   The feelings evoked by pale pink are of soft things, sweets and cute and cuddly.   On the downside, it sometimes sends out baby girl messages or vibrations of delicacy so if you want to impress your boss with you capabilities, don’t wear that pale pink dress.  Or, if you do, add some darker accessories to take away that delicate or babyish message.  Here’s one from Macys that sends out the young and romantic message without being too young.


Dusty pink is my choice if I must go with pink.   It’s cozy, soft and subtle and has a romantic hint.   It’s really close to mauve which has grey undertones and subdued, sentimental vibrations.  It was my choice for my grand daughters wedding, a romantic occasion, somewhat subdued (yeah, right, you know me better than that though I did tone it down)   I had hat, dress, purse and jewelry all in mauve.   I felt beautiful and peaceful wearing it.  And that is part of the reason for choosing your wardrobe colors carefully, not only how you appear to others, but how you want to feel yourself.

sweet little old lady

sweet little old lady

Bright pink sends a whole different message:   it’s exciting, happy, energetic, youthful and spirited.   It’s fun, trendy and often considered “hot”   It’s attention-getting for sure.

Consider this hot pink necklace.   It actually has a sort of dark nature but the playful pink color makes it happier, poking fun at the death/goth aspect.


Or these bangles, so fun, so playful.


I don’t think we need any pictures of “hot” dreses………….you can check out Victoria’s Secret for that .

Our last pink color is burgundy.  It’s vibrations are rich and elegant, very tasteful and txpensive

.   It’s a mature color but one that is incredibly feminine.   Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, is a variation of burgundy.

How elegant is this set made by one of my guild sisters on Artfire, the Glam Duchess, Hegi Kazhachi


And here is a collection of accessories from my guild sisters on Artfire.


Craft Supplies

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