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Language of Clothes for January: WHITE

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions a white dress?  I bet it’s a wedding dress, isn’t it?

my grandbaby girl, Jessie and I

my grandbaby girl, Jessie and I

Actually, white wasn’t used for dresses for most people until the early 1900’s, except by the wealthy.   Women of lower socio-economic status usually chose a good dress of a suitable color other than white.  White was a status symbol.  One had to be wealthy to afford to be able to clean the dirt from a white dress.  Women who wore white were unapproachable, of such status that most men could not afford to court them.   Wearing white was akin to saying “I can afford to throw this dress away when it gets dirty.”  Right up until the late 1800’s, white was a status symbol.  Really, can you imagine dragging long white skirts through muddy streets?  There were not sidewalks, you know.  Wearing a white dress once could be its ruin.

White was also a symbol of purity when white was thought to be the absence of all color.  Phrases that we associate with white, like pure as the driven snow and icy white, imply cold.   Wearing all white can still give that impression.   You may be perceived as glacial, unapproachable, or cold.

Vanilla can give you a sweeter aspect and off white can pull you out of that category but beware of wearing all white.

So what do you do if you want to wear white but don’t want to appear cold or unapproachable?   Accessorize!

Remember to stay away from silver with white.  Silver is a cool metal and you want to add warmth to your outfit.  Gold, bronze and copper are great.

Layer black and white.  Black speaks of experience with that layer of purity underneath.  Very intriguing to many gentlemen.

pirate flair

pirate flair




Turquoise, a warm blue or navy blue can tone down the icy vibes.



summery blues and sunset oranges can give a warmer feel.

Bracelet for Palette #5

Bracelet for Palette #5


There’s always red white and blue for that patriotic spin.

If you wear red with your white, stick to the red hues that have a touch of blue underneath, not your orangey reds.  You don’t want to send a message of aggressive and cold both.

Summertime just screams for cool whites.   Add pastels for a romantic look or some playful hot pink and lime with teal.


here is a collection of white accessories from my guild sisters on Artfire.



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