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2015 Goals and Projects



One of my blogger friends posted about this challenge and after reading her post, I checked out the challenge.  It sounds like a good project for me.  I’ve had a vague goal about learning to work with polymer for quite some time.  To enter this challenge you have to have specific goals and post about your progress.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, sitting down and figuring out the goals was the hard part.

What do I want to do?

I want to set stones in clay so I have unique pendants.   Sounds easy enough, right…..until you actually sit down with the clay and don’t know what to do.   I found a good tutorial at and think I will start there (NO….not more I think, or I should)  I WILL start there.

I also want to make earring components that are colorful and unique.

I want to find simple tutorials for beginners that I can make.

I signed up for 3 polymer clay newsletters.  Even if I can’t do complicated things, I can see what others are doing and clarify my goals for the future.

I have other goals for the coming year and I do not want to commit to blogging once a week about the clay.

Here is my statement of goals for this challenge.

1.  I will purchase the 3 tutorials I saw at, one for setting stones, one for cute earring components and one that is more complicated but very interesting.

2.  Each week, I will commit to setting one stone until I am satisfied that I have mastered the technique.  Only after this will I move along to the earring components.  Only when I am satisfied with the components will I move on to the more complicated piece.

3.  I will BOLO other interesting tutorials and increase my skills base throughout the months until, at the end of 2015 I can say that I have significantly increased my knowledge and can be proud of my work.

4.  I will NOT try to do 15 new things at once and overwhelm myself.

5.  I will blog approximately every 5 weeks about my clay progress so I have a record of successes and failures.

I still have 6 more months of the Language of Clothes posts.  I’ve had such fun with this series and want to cover the rest of the colors.  That’s six more posts.

One more goal!  Bsue Boutiques is offering for the first time ever, a master class in design.  We have to Build a Line and Brenda will help us all the way.  Only stipulation is that we use her products in our designs.  No hardship there.  I love her stuff!  And, she has so many ideas and tutorials.  She is fun and down to earth.


this is her challenge…….for 3 months we will work on and develop a line of five products that we want to feature in different styles and colors with interchangeable aspects.   Well, I’ll blog about it in January, the whole deal.  I’m such a scatter-ass, I try so many different things and am always off on a tangent somewhere.  I’ve got an idea for a line I want to try and this will help me learn how to develop the line.  Woot woot!  We have signups on January 8th and have to submit our ideas.  We also have to be accepted and the number is limited.  Plus, if our idea is already taken, well, we better have a backup plan.  So, I’ve got some doodling and studying to do and all other hops and projects will be ON HOLD till I’m done.   This is going to be a fantastic learning experience.  I’ll have to come up with a branding name and logo type thing and it means I’ll be opening a small new shop just for these items.  Lots of work, lots of fun!

All in all, I”m going to have fun.


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  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to join the challenge! I look forward to seeing what you’re going to make.


    Comment by Katie | January 1, 2015 | Reply

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