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Graphics Galore

Some time ago, I was given free access to Graphic Stock.  In return, I was expected to do a review of the site and give me honest opinion.  In no way was I compensated monetarily.  My opinion is my own.

I first have to say that I am a graphics freak!  Every time I use them I have to hunt all over the internet for free graphics and believe me, it’s not easy to find them.  Trust me, I made the most of my time on Graphic Stock.  If you read my Octoberfest blog and the Thanksgiving blog, you know I have already used lots of the ones I downloaded.  I had planned to do a Christmas  blog with all the projects the kids and I made  BUT, last week I came down with some crazy ear infection that turned into a respiratory thing and I still do not have projects finished.  And I do want to get this blog up because if you know someone who loves graphics or who uses them a lot, this would be a great last minute gift idea, a subscription to Graphic Stock.  For yourself, take advantage of their offer for a free trial.  There is still time to do some Christmas projects.

I made postcards to send to my old mother who is 97 and loves to get mail.  She gets a different one every other day.  I use Pic Monkey to personalize them.


one of mom's postcards

one of mom’s postcards

How cute is that little guy?

I also made “cards” to glue onto paper bags so the boys and I can make hand made gift bags for the hand made gifts they made for their parents.


We will be making these today because they are out of school.  All we need is glue and some cord to glue on the paper bags and we have totally unique gift bags.

Ornaments were supposed to be done by now.  Gosh, I hate being sick.  I’m so behind.  I have the papers printed out but they have to be modpodged and resin poured.  We are using this for my son whose tree is all red black and white and who loves dragons.


We added the lettering with Pic Monkey.

This one will be for my grand daughter who loves owls.   And we have 12 more to do!  ARGHHHH!


I also chose some to share on Facebook.  All lettering is my own.  And see my store name on the bottom?  Anyhow who shares it will be sharing my name.



and I used this one for a sale in my Artfire shop.


pretty cool, eh?

Graphic Stock is so easy to use.  You can search for images by typing in a search word or you can browse the categories. Once you select a category or a search word, your page will show small images but when you mouseover, they show up large enough so you can make an easy decision.

 Sometimes, I’m not even sure what I want until I type in a word and the drop down menu gives me choices that I didn’t think of myself.  I wanted blue water for a resin piece and when I typed in water, the drop down gave me lots of choices, one of which was “water splash”.  OMG, that was exactly what I needed a splashy wave!  There are thousands of images (jpg, png, raster, vector, photos) and so many choices.  You can’t go wrong with this site.  Believe me, I’ve looked at others.   Check out the free trial.  There’s still time to hook someone up with a subscription.   All images are yours to use even after you cancel your subscription and you can print out your license to use them right at the site.  No limits either on the number of images you can download!  Awesome!

This is my last blog until January.  I’ve got so much to do.  I’m going to be remodeling my Artfire studio and opening a new shop and Graphic Stock has some great graphics I can use.  Until then…..



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