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15th BNB Challenge: Who Shall be Captain?



I’m excited about this 15th BNB challenge, hosted by Kathy Lindemar.  She chose this painting “Who Will be Captain”? for our inspiration.

Love the colorful pirates on the isolated beach. I can almost feel the heat of the sun, the coarseness of the sand. And, of course, there is a treasure box.

When we think of pirates, we think of booty!


Treasure chest

In many old pirate legends, the captain killed some of the men who went with him to bury the treasure. Dead men tell no tales after all. This painting brought all that to mind. Pirates of old were either great heroes or great villains and legends of treasures lost abound. Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Carribean have renewed the “hero” aspect of pirates and given us very lovable characters to feed our fantasies.

Before I reveal my pieces I created, I’d like to tell you the story of Lilly Larkin. This is a story I made up for my pirate loving little boys.

young pirates

young pirates


ear, nose, and lip fake pierces

ear, nose, and lip fake pierces



And, yes, I made them jewelry to match the colors in the painting. They love these pierceless earrings and I can show you easily how to make them.  The boys love these.  They take very little wire.  They can go on your ears and you can wear one or twenty one!  They can look like lip or nose piercings (make sure ye don’t mix up your nose and your lip rings……..YUCK).

Lilly’s story was based on a real life “character”, a wonderful modern piratess who lives in merry England right now whose name is Lily Lark of the Pirates of St Piran fame.


Lily Lark and her friends, the rapscallions known as the  Pirates of St. Piran, dress up and do re-enactments of actual battles and sometimes the just dress up and drink grogg and have fun, hiring out for parties, weddings and funerals.   They support some fine charities in merry England like the Childrens Hospice.  Oft times, they dress up and go to schools to teach young ones about pirates.  Anyone who works with and for kids is AOK in my book!    You can read all about this motley crew here,   see pictures and learn some piratical parlance.  And if ye want to hire this bunch of scallywags to dance at yer weddin’ or liven up your party, well, the details are on their page.   OR, you can check out their Facebook page   and see what they are up to. 

As a matter of fact, they have a brand  new CD of sea chanties that  is being released in November.   What a great gift for children and adult children who love pirates. Or, check out one of the older CDs.

Pirates of St Piran

Pirates of St Piran


Now that you have an idea of what our legendary Lilly Lark might have looked like, let’s sit back with a mug of grogg, listen to a chanty while you read and I’ll tell you her story.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Lilly was an orphan who loved the sound of the waves and watched the ships and took her first job aboard the Sea Witch when she was 8 years old. She started as a cabin “boy”, wearing tattered pants that were too short for her scrawny legs and a filthy shirt and called herself Larkin.  Captain Morgan, of the Sea Witch took her under his charge and taught her to fight and taught her all about the sea and ships. She could climb the ropes like a monkey and fought like a fierce shark. She learned to swim when she was 11 and a new cabin boy who was jealous of her place on board threw her off the rails in a rage when he found out she was really a girl.  Larke had to swim or drown.

Larke survived by splashing about until she could actually swim. She caught up with the ship, unseen by the crew. She clung desperately to a bit of netting that had become entangled on the anchor chain.

Captain Morgan, who loved Larkin like his own son, was furious when he found out what happened. He whipped the cabin boy and tossed him in the hold. He turned the ship about and sent down a life boat to search for his beloved orphan. They found her almost lifeless, tied in the netting and brought her back aboard. Captain Morgan named her his adopted daughter and the heir to his boat if anything should happen to him.  Her official name became Larke Morgan with this adoption.

This divided the ship. Most of the crew respected and loved their captain for he was a fair man and generous sharing the booty they fought for. The first mate, however, a toothless lout named O’Leary, hated the girl. He thought he should be the one to take over the ship should Morgan die.

When Larke was 16, Morgan was killed by a lunatic commander of Her Majesty’s navy and O’leary took over as Captain. He did so, by saying he was only holding the ship in trust for Lark till she came of age, but she knew that she had to watch her back. He wanted the ship for himself.

Just before her 18th birthday, O’leary and the Sea Witch Crew took a grand haul from a merchant ship. He instructed Lilly to make a map when they landed at a lonely island off the coast of Cornwall. They took a small boat and four crew members plus his first mate, Lilly Larkin and set about to bury the treasure. It was clear to our Larke that when it was time to bury someone with the treasure, it would be her bones that lay there so she was ready when O’Leary threw down. When he came behind her, she quickly turned and buried her dagger in his heart. Pistol in hand, she faced the others. They decided that it was not the day to mutiny and swore allegiance to their new captain.

There are many stories about Larke  and her merry crew, like the time  HMS Constantine took her by surprise and she quickly dressed in fine ladyship clothes and put dresses in the cabin boy and the cook’s helper (who later married each other in a fine ceremony) and convinced the admiral that her father, a prosperous merchant had died at sea and she and her ladies in waiting were traveling to port to sell his cargo. She totally fooled the admiral and with much dancing to the hornpipe, caused him to fall madly in love, promise to maryy her and let her go.

Our Larke once made a fabulous haul with fantastic pirate booty.  The jewels she stole were legendary and only she knew where she buried her loot.  She had the map made into a necklace and no one ever guessed that here were the directions to Faire Lilly’s Booty.

She is my inspiration for this necklace. The focal is made from patined copper I got from Lillypilly designs. It has a topagraphical look to me and made me think of a treasure map.     This particular embossed copper is a color called Enchantment.  The beads are smoky quartz teardrops, tiny faceted garnets,  pressed Czech glass and some weird glass beads that either look black or burgundy, depending on how the lights hit them.   But watch out, if ye wear it.  Some scallywags may want it for themselves.







I Pulled the darker colors from the picture for both the necklace and these bracelets.  I do love bangles.  These are made from steel wire covered with sari silk in the colors from the palette.  I personally like to wear a lot of bangles.  I came up with the idea to make a Bangle Brooch, a pin that would hold them all together and give you a whole new look.   I made two Bangle Brooches, one in plain copper and one that looks a jewel.  Ye’ll look like a saucy wench wearing these bracelets!  And, being made of steel, they’ll help protect your wrist in a swordfight!




Last, but not least, I made an ear wrap and this time focused on some of the lighter colors.   This goes ’round behind your ear.  Notice the key to the treasure box that just naturally becomes part of the jewelry. .  They are perfect if your ears are not pierced OR can be worn along with your favorite ear jewelry.  I’ll be making 3 for my young pirates Christmas stockings.  They went to Comic Con this year and are wanting their very own pirate costumes for that and for the Renn Faire.

So, let’s tip our mugs of ale and celebrate Lilly Larkin, the infamous piratess known as Larke  and her modern day counterpart, the incredible Lily Lark while the hornpipes play the Drunken Sailor. And let us all drink to Faire Lilly’s Booty!!!


AHOY!  Here’s an IMPORTANT NOTE:   All the lovely ladies who took part in this challenge have submitted their designs for a contest.  You can see what they made and vote on what designs you like the best.   Winner gets some great booty from Kathy’s   Etsy shop.    Voting begins on November  11th, that’s tomorrow, and lasts till November 18th and you can come back every day

Arrrrrrrrrrrr……….if ye don’t vote fer me, ye can walk the plank ye scurvy landlubbers……………….VOTE HERE   


You can also visit the other artist’s blogs and see what inspired them.  First, check out Kathy’s blog. 


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