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Gettin’ Down With Brown

I hate to admit it but I could not find any “mood music” to go with this getting down with brown blog so I thought I might just post some James Brown so you can get down while you scroll.


Brown used to be one of the least popular colors in the fashion world.   It was perceived as representing earth in its barren or dormant stage.  It was popular with religious zealots who thought that brighter colors signified pride and lust.  Peasants wore it because the dye was cheap and it did not show the dirt as much.   They could not afford to wash as often as wealthier folk.   So brown became symbolic of piety, poverty or at very least, economy and modest ambitions.


Darker, richer browns came to symbolize a solid, hardworking, reliable individual, somewhat quiet, always reassuring.   Indeed, some shades still represent these qualities.  Look at your UPS uniforms.  What do you think when you see that brown uniform?   You associate it with hard work, dependability and maybe a hint of pleasure (associated with your package delivery)



HI DEE!!!!

HI DEE!!!!


Think back to your deepest, primitive genetic memories.   You felt most secure and safest when in your cave or mud hut and surrounded by earth.   Brown is the ultimate earth color, associated with hearth, home, substance and stability.   The richness of chocolate and flavored coffee drinks and their elevation to status symbols has done a lot to lift dependable old brown to an upscale color.

And tell me, when you think of brown rice, whole grains, brown bread and cereal, don’t you think healthy and wholesome.   And the rich honey brown of male syrup has a richness that cannot be denied.


So it seems that advertising has played an important part in how we perceive browns these days.   Terra cotta and brick with their hints of sensual red and quite upscale now.

So what does this mean for your fashion look?   How will people perceive you when you wear brown?   Well…….let’s take a look at the image you might want to project.

Putting it Together

Want to look down to earth, stable, reliable and stable when you go for that job interview?   Go with rich chocolate brown, nut brown, terracotta and gold.   Or use medium brown with a hint of green in your accessories.  Jasper jewelry and some agates in antique gold settings give an earthy and rich look.


Color by COLOURlovers


Jasper earrings from Pebbles at my Feet Studio.   Perfect blend of green and browns.

Or, this gorgeous necklace from Kat’s All That Studio.


Amber and agate bracelet


What if you want to look successful?  Go with traditional autumn hues.   Wear rich reddish browns, barn reds and rich gold.

Color by COLOURlovers

Carnelian jewelry is perfect. Pretty Gonzo Studio has a beautiful bracelet and earrings of carnelian.



Want to look sensual in your browns?   Wear deep chocolate browns with deep purple and a touch of leaf green.   Amethyst and peridot jewelry are perfect.  If you can’t find an amethyst that is deep purple, check out purple goldstone.  Amber and turquoise are great also.

Color by COLOURlovers


Bracelet from Simply Unwired.

Goldstone necklace.


Wearable Art by Jamie Santellano


Beautiful scarf from Brensan Studio. 


I’ve put together an Artfire collection of brown accessories.   Check it out and Get Down With Brown!</ppp

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Fine Art Paintings

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