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Get Red-dy!

Ooops!   Been really lazy this month with all the heat and humidity.  Spent most of my time curled up in the shade reading books and eating ice cream!  Barely blogged and nearly missed my color of the month blog!   I’ve got it covered however.   This month’s color is RED.   So let’s get some mood music going on so you can listen while I tell you all about the color red and its influences on our perceptions.


Traditionally, red implies strength, vitality and heat.  Psychologically, just the sight of it can cause a rise in blood pressure, respiration and heartbeat.  When we “see red”, our pituitary gland goes into action.    It suggests to the brain that we take physical action!  Yes, even an animal can distinguish this color!  No more mystery why a red cape is used in a bullfight!



Red is associated with both aggression and with desire.  The shade of red has a lot to do with your brain and body associations.   Reds with a lot of orange tend to excite or suggest aggression so if you are planning on using red in your wardrobe today, and it is an orangy red, then pair it up with playful spicy colors to lessen the aggressive impulses.




If you were going to choose this scarf, for instance, you could wear it with any of the colors in the above shot.   It’s available, by the way from Morgan Silk on Artfire.    Even without the other colors, the second color gives it a more playful feel.


If your shade of red is mixed with black or purple, the red takes on a more sensual tone.   With black, there is a hint of danger or risk, or of experience with the darker side.


Take this sassy little purse, for instance, from Angelz Bowz on Artfire,.  There’s just enough black with that deep sensual red to hint at a “dangerous woman”.   Pair it with these red/black earrings from Uniquebeadablesredblkearrings

, a red dress and shoes and watch out guys!

If you really want to give off the danger signals, I’ve got a Vampire Fantasy wrap bracelet in my shop



Back in the day, red with purple used to be considered vulgar or overly sexual but now, purple and red is indicative of a more playful, Bohemian style.   How about this cloche from Barbie’s Corner Crochet Boutique? 



So, ladies, if  you want to get RED-DY, I have a collection of red goodies from my guild sisters on Artfire.  You can find almost anything you need.


Fine Art Paintings

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