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Mojo Jewelry Challenge Week 10

Our challenge this week in Heather Powers Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge was to find a fashion magazine or store and choose an outfit and create a piece to wear with that outfit.

SIGH……you know me too well. Not satisfied with some off the rack outfit, I went to Simplicity and chose a pattern for a steampunk dress I want to make and wear to the Renn Faire. I do love my steampunk.

Here is the pattern and the material to go with it.

steampunk style

steampunk style


The skirt on the right is for me with a black corset and the jacket to match the skirt.   Woot woot!   I may even make myself a black hat too!  With a huge feather!

Remember that poetic inspiration necklace I made?   That is going to go at the neck of this piece and I sure did need a bracelet.

I made some polymer components in black and used some silver Gilder’s paste on them then cold connected them to some filagree rectangles I got from Fire Mountain, made some jumprings to attach them and here we go.




I don’t think I am done with it yet.   It just looks too plain to me.  I’ve got some Sari silk in deep green, gold and rusty color that I think I’ll use to jazz it up a bit.   It’s fine as it is, but I want a bit more ooomph.



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  1. I love the dress pattern and I think the bracelet will be great with it. If your fabric is red, maybe choose ruby crystals or something decidedly purple to add to the filigree – some small beads wrapped to the filigree framing your clay focals? Anyway It’s cool that you join these challenges and fun to make something for ourselves, isn’t it?


    Comment by Pamela Hollis | May 24, 2014 | Reply

    • I love the challenges and I love making things just for me! That fabric is a rust color so I’m trying to decide about the beads. I have some very cool faceted garnets that I could wire weave around the black clay. Garnets don’t look too red and if I use gunmetal wire that should dull them up a bit so they look good with the rusty color.


      Comment by stregajewellry | May 26, 2014 | Reply

  2. Cool! I want to see the whole outfit when it’s done. Im a big steam punk fan too!


    Comment by Sarajo Spurgeon Wentling | May 24, 2014 | Reply

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