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Pagan Blog Project: Imagination & Inner Sanctum

One tool I find invaluable in practicing my faith is imagination. I could not do active visualization without it. When I want to work on healing, I visualize a walk through a field, climb a hill and discover a hidden cave full of healing crystals.



One of my favorite exercise in visualization was to create an “inner sanctum” in my higher mind, a veritable workshop where I could relax and do spiritual work.  This is an exercise in autohypnosis.  Anyone with imagination and visualization skills can create this inner sanctum, breathing, sitting still, relaxing and relaxing some more. Use all of your sense to visualize, hear, see, touch, taste and smell.

One must first think of their mind as a very tall building, or mountain or house at the top of a mountain.  You want to get as high spiritually as you can go.   Once inside the building/mountain, whatever, you enter an elevator.   Mine is an old fashioned Otis elevator.


Inside this elevator are only 2 buttons.  One for UP and one for DOWN.   You will use the “down” button only once.   Take it to the lower corridor where all your baser instincts reside, where greed, revenge, envy, sloth, the 7 deadly sins, if you will.   Don’t get off the elevator, just let the door open and look down the hallway…..


this is where you do NOT want to be, at the lowest level of your mind.  Hurry and close the elevator doors, tape over that button or smash it with a hammer and vow you will not go back.   Push the UP  button.   Go as far up as you need, relaxing your body as you go.  When you feel calm and ready, let the elevator door open.   You will enter a hallway that is clean and smells of wood polish.  There is a sign that says……to Theta.  (Theta is the deep area of your mind where hypnosis or autohypnosis takes place, where you go when you dream)  Count 10 steps down this hallway, relaxing more and more as you take each step.  At the end of this hallway is a door.  Relax as you stand there.


Once you open the door, you will be inside your highest mind.  The room where you work will be available any time you want to relax.  You can decorate it any way you want to.  With practice, you can go here any time you wish.   I’ll tell you about my room.   Just inside the door is a comfy leather chair that faces a large gothic fireplace.


To the right of my chair is an old rolltop desk where I can write messages if I want.   Sometimes, I like to write a letter to someone who has crossed over to the Otherside, like my dad or my son.  I use a quill pen and parchment paper, then put that message in a bottle and toss it into the Sea of Universal Consciousness.   Sometimes, I write down a blessing or a wish.


There is a curio cabinet, right full of medicines, herbal cures for any and every illness.   There are powders and potions for all kinds of things.


And to my left are glass doors that open on a beautiful beach where there is shining sand and a gorgeous sea…..the Sea of Universal Consciousness.  I can walk down that beach any time that I wish.   Sometimes I write in the sand…..maybe I write to a friend who is far away, just a quick, I love you.   Maybe I write to a sleeping child or a child who is far from my physical realm.   I write in the sand and watch the waves take my message out into the sea.   Somewhere, it is received in the mind of the person to which it is sent.


I always find peace here.




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