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HOPE vs Hype

I am an O H. No, that is not a typo and I did not mean to write O G (Original Gansta). O H = Original Hippie, a child of the 60’s who marched for equality, took part in demonstrations, protested War, segregation and was a proud Free Thinker.



We wore jeans with patches, not because they were stylish or cost 150 bucks a pair but because we wanted to encourage others to look beyond the surface of clothes and makeup and see the REAL person and because we wanted to encourage other folks to re-use, re-cycle and not toss away something that was still functional even though it was a bit worn.

Our style has been corrupted by media hype and these days, a fashion statement, not a message.  It’s 50 years later and we are still trying to get people to recycle.

Many of us promoted the use of Hemp and included marijuana because hemp, as a plant has so many uses that could help our planet that it should not be illegal but a respected herb given to us by the Creator. We wanted people to listen to the messages from Mother Nature, the plants, the animals, the stones.  A natural herb, marijuana was a powerful medicine and a WEED, a humble plant that could be grown at home and used by anyone, and used constructively.

Our message has become corrupted, partly by some of us who used other drugs to not just free our minds but to escape from reality.  The peaceful plant has been replaced by mind altering chemicals that are pricey and put lots of dollars into many pockets.  From drug lords in foreign countries to drug task forces, from street dealers to school kids and pharmaceutical companies, drugs are big business.

We preached PEACE, because War is a tool for greedy leaders and corporations to line their pockets.  Fifty years later, we are engaged in war on foreign soil yet again.

We promoted One Planet, One People:  a theory that no matter what color your skin, your socioeconomic status, your religious beliefs, you were a child of the Creator and each person had a god given gift that could contribute to the good of the whole.

Our message has been corrupted by media tactics, fear and government handouts that enslave people by smothering their ambition, ruin their self esteem and promote hatred from the working classes who must pay for these handouts.  Fifty years later, poverty is a way of making a living, bearing  children can get you lots of free stuff and, if you lie enough, you can live well and not work.

I am far from that child of the 60’s who believed that my voice could make a difference.   Oh, I still believe my voice makes a difference, but one small voice amidst hundreds asking for more free stuff?  or hundreds more clamoring for relief from taxes and injustice?  or thousands crying out in fear of terrorist attacks from other religious?  or millions, busting their asses for a bigger paycheck to buy more and newer THINGS they do not really need but being told they should have them by flashy ads?  I’m not saying my voice is the only voice, but it seems small sometimes and the other voices I hear saying the same things seem to be like me and all of us seem to be alone in a crowd.

I have many grandchildren now.   My oldest is 29, the youngest is 3.  Some days, I watch my family’s  struggles to survive, working hard just to get by and often overwhelmed by skyrocketing prices, a corrupt government, taxes and the demands of parenthood  all working together to distract them from what really matters, making it hard for them to listen to inner voices, to work on their spiritual side, enjoy their children and just to LIVE.

Sometimes, with all the newscasts I see their future like this:



A world torn by wars and hatred, natural disasters and depletion of natural resources.

What kind of adults will they become with all these worries?

Then, today, I heard a voice, one that gave me hope for the future.   My grandson shared this video on his Facebook page and it lifted my spirits.



Here is a young person who has found Truth and is not afraid to share that message.  This is someone my grandson respects and his thinking and wisdom have not been overwhelmed by all the media distractions, fear tactics and hype.  Beautiful!   And Kudos to this young woman whose voice is clear and truthful, who is ot ashamed to share her thoughts.   Here is a voice of a future, striving for Truth and Wisdom in a world of madness.  There is HOPE yet.  We can change the world and we are not alone.

There are so very many videos that go viral, senseless, frivolous pieces of fluff that have no meaning, nonsense that make us forget that we have an inner voice and we should listen to that voice.   We have Truth and we should speak it.  We have power and our voices lifted together can make this world such a better place.   I hope that it will be shared many  times.   One Planet   One People.








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  1. I came to your site because you were kind enough to leave a nice message on mine (beadcontagion) regarding the bead soup hop. You had so many soup messages I decided instead of leaving a message there, I would read some of your older blog posts and see what resonated with me. This is a beautiful post, even though it doesn’t involve beads 🙂 I hope there is a large scale revolt against the madness of consumerism. I’m afraid for the kids growing up now, and their 2-dimentional reality. The level of control of people’s minds seems so great, it’s critical to see people who mirror a more human reality. Please keep teaching, creating and exploring! I’ve signed up to get email notifications of your posts. I’m glad to have found you.


    Comment by Liz | May 28, 2014 | Reply

    • Liz, this was such a thoughtful thing to do. I’m so pleased that you took the time to check out some of my other posts. When I signed up for the soup, I didn’t realize what a huge commitment it was going to be. It’s very hard to leave a meaningful post and not just repeat what others have already said. I think I am going to model your idea. I’m happy to have found a new “friend”. And I am glad that you enjoyed this post. It hasn’t had much attention but it meant a lot to me. Beads and wire are important to me, but issues such as these are what matters most. I used to teach jewelry making to children from the “projects” when I worked at the Art Center. It was a great joy in my life and a great sadness when the city government closed the Art Center, a place for mingling of all socioeconomic groups and teaching center that allowed people to explore how creating can take you away from your mundane and sometimes hopeless world. Instead, they spent a couple of million building a “recreation center” on the west side of town. It seems they want our youth to be distracted by frivolous things. It’s almost a mission, cutting budgets for libraries and arts institutes and encouraging games. Ooops, I’m hopping up on my soapbox right now. Pull me down, for gosh sake!
      I am glad to have found you also. This blog hop is not just about beads, is it?


      Comment by stregajewellry | May 28, 2014 | Reply

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