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Gemstones: 9 Essentials


There are so many stones to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the field to a few that are MUST HAVES for every pagan, well actually every person could benefit from these. I’ve tried to choose just 9, a magical 3X3 number that every witch should have.   If I had to limit myself to just a few, these are the stones I would have.



Amethyst:   In addition to its usual well known uses, this stone is a powerful psychic tool, will protect you from black magic and will aid in second sight, intuition, and insight.  





Malachite is probably the most powerful of all the “eye stones” which were prized in ancient societies to protect against the evil eye.  Malachite is said to enhance visionary powers and to stimulate all types of personal power.   It wards off negative vibrations and is said to warn an owner of impending danger by breaking.    It promotes inner peace and hope and offers protection and inner security.  



Moonstone:   A very sensitive stone whose powers increase with the moon.   It helps promote love, not just romantic love, but love of friends and family and love for humanity because it opens your heart to experience love.   It lends you strength when you are emotionally overextended.   It inspires self confidence.   It is a great stone for people who carry around a burden of buried anger.  





Carnelian is a must, not only because of its other properties, but because it is a stone which will clean the negative energies away from other stones.   Carnelian can motivate you and give you energy to turn your ideas and dreams into form.  It’s a stone of success and can give you physical power. 



lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli






Lapis throughout history has been associated with wisdom and love and is a stimulant for psychic abilities.   It strengthens your body and mind.   It will stimulate your inner vision and enhance your wisdom, insight and good judgment. 





This stone is a must because not only is it grounding and good for protection, obsidian acts like a screen to keep all negativity surrounding you at bay.   Never exchange your own piece with another person or accept a stone that someone else has worn.   It bonds to a person and should stay with its original owner. 


clear quartz crystals

clear quartz crystals


This one is a given.   Everyone knows you need clear quartz crystals, not only as a communication aid, but because it drains off any blocked areas that keep your dreams from coming true.  It helps you use your own inner resources and potential and get ride of self blocks.   It’s a wonderful energy conductor. 


rose quartz

rose quartz


A stone that helps you find love, first self love because you cannot love someone else unless you first love your own inner person.   Not only does it help enhance your outer beauty but it helps get rid of negative energy from the past.

Tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye





Tiger’s eye is a great stone that helps you think clearly and helps you make right decisions.   it helps yous ee what you are getting into before you take steps forward.   It helps with clear thinking, good judgment and protection.   Couldn’t ask for more. 


So there they are.   If you have these gems, you pretty much have all angles covered. 


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