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Jewelry Mojo Monday Week 4

Heather Powers of Humblebeads gave us a great challenge for our 4th week. Simple instructions. Make some findings.

I think I went a little bit berserk. (ummm, is there such a thing as a little bit berserk?) I had just acquired Cindy Wimmer’s ook “Missing Link” and I started with that. I made links and links and more links.

some of the links I made

some of the links I made

Cindy’s instructions are so clear and the links so much fun, I could not resist.  I don’t even have plans for all these links but I know I’ll be using them a lot.   I have used one of her links in a necklace I made previously and loved the look I got when it all came together.

When I finally took a break from the links, I made some clasps.  One can never have too many clasps.  One of my favorites was Heather’s tutorial, the Garden Gate clasp.   Try it, you will love it.  Oops, the photo I took is not of the clasps, darn it, it’s ear wires and hoops and more links.  Can’t find the pic of the clasps.   That picture had some pendant bales and charm holders.  Oh well,

earring hoops and drops, bales and charms

earring hoops and drops, bales and charms


Then, I decided I wanted to try a button clasp for bracelets because I love making bracelets.   SIGH, there are very few buttons left in my sewing stash.

Button clasps

Button clasps


I’ve made some other links but I can’t show you.   I’m going to use them in my next two projects.

I admit it.  I am an official Findings Berserker.   (Heather made me do it!   LOL)









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