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The Evil Eye

follow the link to a talented artist on Deviantart

follow the link to a talented artist on Deviantart

The stories of the “Evil Eye” originated in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean. It spread to many other countries.   In some European countries, giving somone the evil eye is known as overlooking.  The idea of the evil eye seems to come from the concept that we all have a third eye, located in the center of our forehead.   The intent of the evil eye is to  blind or obscure that 3rd eye in some way.  You do not have to be a sorcerer or witch or even a “bad” person to give someone the “evil eye”.

Have you ever experienced someone looking at you with a hard stare, their gaze lingering on you overlong?  Maybe it creeped you out.   Maybe you thought about it later in the day.   Maybe it seemed like your day got worse after that lingering gaze.  This discomfort may come from some primitive roots.  Animals stare each other down to establish dominance and it may be that in more primitive times, this was done among human animals.   No animal, human or otherwise, is comfortable with another animal staring straight at it.  Personally, I get the same feeling when a person has teeth that are way too white.  Bright white teeth scream “predator” to me and I do not like to see a wide grin with bright teeth.   I’m sure this comes from my primitive ancestor memories.  We all seem to have these primitive ancestor “memories” to some extent even though we rely less and less on instinct in these modern times.

Is he saying hello?  Or saying "get back"!

Is he saying hello? Or saying “get back”!

The evil eye has nothing to do with sorcery or witchcraft.  It is thought to come from envy on the part of the person who is over looking.   The original belief is that giving someone the evil eye can harm your children, your livestock, your frut trees or any over evidence of prosperity.  It logically follows that one should not flaunt their good fortune and run the risk of making someone jealous.

In common lore, the evil eye could cause a dehydrating effect, drying the milk of nursing mothers or cows, causing dry coughs, a lack of rain for crops, withering of fruit, drying up of wells or springs and impotence in men.   Wow!  I suspect that damage from the “evil eye” is greatly psychological in origin and probably in direct proportion o the extent of your belief.    If you believe that someone has the power to influence your life with a malevolent stare, then you will reap consequences in proportion to your belief, drawing negative energy toward you by dwelling upon it.

In many cultures, jewelry is worn to protect one from the evil eye.   In Mediterranian countries, the lucky hand is often worn.  Any of the “eye stones” such as malachite or tigers eye, hawks eye or cats eye (chrysoberyls) were worn also to protect the wearer from the evil eye.


Recently,  resin and glass evil eye jewelry has become popular like this evil eye and Greek Key charm bracelet.


If you feel you have been “overlooked” by someone who is ill wishing you, quickly use the hand gesture known to avert the evil eye.



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