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Circles & Cycles

Circle: no beginning, no end, or is there?

Our lives are a circle and follow a cycle.   Everything in our lives comes full circle, following a cycle.

All things begin with a new idea, inspiration,  a new project, a new idea, relationship, a birth, the new moon…..from the element of Air in the East of the circle, the gateway. Spring is the season associated with Air.

The south of the circle is Fire, the energy that implements new ideas, projects and inspiration.  One cannot move forward on the Wheel without this energy pushing behind ideas. Summer is the season associated with Fire.

The West, the Water sign of the circle, the creativity flowing and moving your energy ever forward. Fall is the season associated with the West of the Circle.

The North, the Earth of the circle, the bounty and abundance, reaping the harvest of your efforts. Winter is the season associated with the Earth of the Circle.

If we follow the Circle of Life like the Circle of the Year, we will see that we cannot advance around the circle until all is completed with the cycle we are in at present.

In the spring (East/Air), you are planning your garden, or in life, you have an idea or are starting a new relationship and making plans. You cannot plant seeds on ground that is not prepared. The ground must be clear of weeds, they must be plowed under or burned off in the previous turn of the circle. If it is a new project, you must get rid of the remnants of old projects or ideas that did not work out. They will clutter your work area and your mind and the way will not be clear. If it is a relationship/partnership and you still have ties to an old relationship, baggage, these ties and bonds will interfere with the growth of your new relationship. Do a ceremony/ritual to celebrate the end of one thing before you begin another.


When you move on to the South (Fire/Action/Energy) of the Circle, your work is steady.   Your planting of the crops can be finished, the weeds must be kept down, the ground kept fertile.   If you are starting a new job or a new relationship, this is the learning phase, you are working hard to learn all you can, to build new ties, to insure that good roots are put down.  In your leisure time, you can relax and look at how well your work is progressing and anticipate the time ahead when you will reap the rewards of your efforts.   You can enjoy watching your garden grow, your job performance improve, your skills improve and your relationship grow.

Enjoying the new growth, anticipating the results of your expended energy.,

Enjoying the new growth, anticipating the results of your expended energy.,

The West of the Circle, (the Fall,  the emotional/Water aspect).   Seeing the first fruits of your work in the garden.  Enjoying the kudos of a job well done.  Rewards for your learning experience.   The joys of a working relationship that has strong roots.  Creativity flourishes and the bounty is forthcoming.

Emotional rewards and satisfaction abound.

Emotional rewards and satisfaction abound

And in the North of the Circle (the Earth/Abundance) phase, you will enjoy the whole fruits of your labor, take satisfaction in well stocked larders from your garden and fields.  On the job, you will relax a bit with your position secure (ideally)  In your education, take pride in your knowledge and skills.  In a relationship, you will enjoy the emotional satisfaction and comfort of a partner with whom you are comfortable and loved.   At the same time, though you are relaxing, not working in the fields, you will be preparing for the next turn of the circle.   In the garden, there will be days of burning off old weeds and stalks, clearing the fields for the next crop.   On a job, you’ll be preparing ground for the next phase or promotion.  In education, you’ll be exploring the next skill sets you might want to acquire.  In a relationship, you’ll be preparing for the next phase of that relationship, maybe children or a move to another place.


And the Circle will begin again.   You cannot move from one spot on the circle without following the Cycle.   You can’t go from planning/planting seeds (East) to abundance (North) without passing through the other phases, doing the work.   And, if a project/relationship/idea fails, you cannot immediately begin a new project without going through the steps of the cycle and understanding why it failed, expending the energy to find solutions to the problem and sitting back and contemplating what you learned by the failure.  Only then can you move to the East of the Circle and begin again.   Well, you actually CAN begin a new project or relationship but you will most likely get stuck at the same spot you failed beforehand and you’ll not move forward around the Circle but stay in the same spot even though you seem to be starting over.



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  1. I really enjoy the Circle Song and appreciate that you included it here. I think I would benefit by taking the time to seriously consider the way you’ve laid out the wisdom of consciously moving around the circle. How often do I move forward without taking the time to attend to the part of the circle I am leaving. I really found this to be a very significant way to think about moving through life. Thank you.


    Comment by Three Well Beings | February 1, 2014 | Reply

    • I think that this is typical of many people. Success, family, job, school, recreation, we want to do it all. Our lives are so crowed with family, job, recreation, projects and we are so busy looking ahead. I’m glad you enjoyed this post AND one of my favorite songs.


      Comment by stregajewellry | February 1, 2014 | Reply

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