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New Ventures

I’ll be changing my blogging practices this year, not all of the posts will be about my jewelry and/or family and not all will be long with lots of photos. I’ll still do some blog hops and I’ll still log what I’m working on. BUT, I’m going to join some other bloggers and have a bit of fun and just maybe open up some creative and spiritual avenues inside my head, or revisit them anyhow.

I’ve done a few blog hops with Eris Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found. She has invited us to participate in 30 Word Thursdays. Here’s how it works. I post a photo that I have taken and underneath describe the feelings said photo evokes using only 30 words. I’ve seen Erin’s efforts and your description becomes a sort of tonal poem. Breaking a description down to 30 words only isn’t easy. I’m not sure how consistent I will be with this. I am a sporadic picture taker at best but for now, I have a backlog of pictures from last summer to get me started.

My next venture. I’m joining the Pagan Blog Project. Over 226 bloggers are participating so far and it looks like a great way to deepen my spiritual feelings. Each week, we will be given a letter and using that letter we will take one word that has particular meaning in pagan paths and focus upon our feelings. We will all post on Fridays (YES! I KNOW it’s the day after 30 Word Thursday, but I think I can keep up if I don’t get too wordy) A lot of my practices are based heavily on Native American teachings and Celtic lore so I expect I’ll be focusing on those aspects. That said, I’m going to start out with last Friday’s letter , A. I’m too late to join the group posting but I don’t want to leave out one letter.


AIR:   I could get verbose and go on and on about the attributes of the element of air:   It’s associated with the East, creativity, blah blah  but that is not how I want to write.   I want to explore what this element means to me.   It’s such a sacred element.  All the tribes of our earth depend upon air to sustain life, the Two Leggeds, The Four Leggeds, The Winged Ones, The Standing People (trees), and so on.  Only the Stone People do not depend upon air for Life.   Air is therefore sacred.  With this thinking we should be very aware of what pollutants we put into the sacred Air of our Earth.

Our breath is air and also sacred.   Breathing deeply and correctly is so important for health and for meditation and maintaining Beauty and Balance.   Thinking thus, we should be extremely conscious of how we pollute our breath with smoking and heavy perfumes.   (As I was thinking along these lines, I had extreme guilt about smoking).

Our words are our breath and therefore sacred and we should be very cautious about how our words can pollute our lives and those of others.  I thought about the news this week, all those chemicals released into that beautiful river.   I talked with others about this terrible event, thousands of people unable to drink water or even wash their clothes because no one seemed to know for certain how dangerous this chemical could be.   I heard many statements…..words tossed out.

Did your words quickly condemn the company that allowed the escape of dangerous chemicals?

Did your word praise the companies like Pepsi, who donated water to thousands?

Or did you go the “extra mile”?  Did your words give thoughts to all the wild creatures and livestock and water creatures and birds who would have no warning to not drink tainted water and voice a prayer to the god/goddess/creator that these creatures be safe and that someone in a better position that you would be able to help them?

One of the reasons I love being pagan……….there are no easy answers, no black and white, no commandments, only the stricture to “harm none”, therefore I must take responsibility for my own actions and think about how they AND my words will spill out into the Universe and effect others.


I’m looking forward to meeting some new people through the Pagan Blog Project and 30 Word Thursday.  Maybe some of the great photographers whose blogs I follow will join in for 30 Word Thursday!   Oh, and since most pagans are into stone lore, I can sure blog about stone jewelry if I get stuck for a topic., LOL.

Blessed Be





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