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The Busy Season

Just for the record, I am not a big fan of Christmas. I love the season, the joy of giving, the emphasis on peace and love. I am pagan so we have a whole different view of the gift giving hoopla that goes with the whole commercialized media hype. I choose to have all my gifts made and purchased before Thanksgiving so that I can use the “holiday season” to focus on visiting old friends with some home made cookies or a plant, to make some charity items to donate to my personal “causes” and to spend that time with the grandkids, helping them make some hand made gifts of their own, or just fooling around playing games with them.

So, while other jewelry artists are busy creating seasonal jewelry, I am making my own gifts to give and canning and shopping for the very best deals for little kids toys.

I’ve made 9 pints of sun dried tomatoes, which is deceptive because they are not really sun dried but cut, seasoned and dried in the dehydrator then packed in olive oil.  They are really tasty winter treats.

sun dried tomatoes

sun dried tomatoes

I’ve been on a sewing binge.   There are 29 pair of pajamas in various sizes, including a baby layette complete with matching jammies, blankie and pillow.  There are 10 body pillows and 15 hats, some adults and some children’s.  Some will go to children who have no hats.

pajamas and pillows

pajamas and pillows

Miss Hood

Miss Hood

Here is my daughter in her beautiful Red Riding Hood cape.  I also made a black one for my grandson, Nick.  And, I had enough material from a previous going out of business sale at a local fabric store, so I made a gray  one for myself.

If you read my last blog, you know I took part in the Art Charm Exchange and Charity Auction.   So, I have made some jewelry.   I used one of the charms I got in the exchange to make a bracelet for my mom’s Christmas box of goodies.  I’ve also made some blue bracelets for 7000 Bracelets of Hope.

mom's bracelet

mom’s bracelet

Now, it’s the week before Thanksgiving.   I found some great deals this week and finished the last of my shopping for the little kids and man, are they going to have a blast!   I’m ready for the fun part of the season to begin.   The boys and I kicked it off on Friday.   I taught them to make centerpieces for the holidays.   They will give them to their chosen recipients on Thanksgiving so they can be on the table all during the holiday season.  (Can’t show a really focused picture in case any of those recipients read this blog).


dad's special centerpiece

dad’s special centerpiece

What’s up next?   I’m going to participate in the Art Bead Scene Ornament Blog Hop and I’ll be making holiday ornaments with some art beads I’ve made.   I think that the boys and I will try making some ornaments together and make a few memories while we are at it.    Last year, we made dog treats and may do that again and some holiday cookies.   The fun is about to begin.,   Everyone who is waiting for Black Friday to start their shopping…………well, I feel for you.   I am finished  AND the real fun is ab out to begin.   nanna nanna boo boo, I’m all done!



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  1. You’re so creative…


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