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Simmertime is what I call those hot, hot days of summer.   Here in Ohio, the cloying humidity saturates your clothes, the house, the bedsheets, your shoes.   UGH.   I get incredibly lazy and want only to sit around reading books and eating ice cream.   This year is particularly annoying because the back problems have kept me from doing a lot of things I love to do.   And it has rained every day for two weeks.  The grass grows every time it rains and the weeds seem to put on inches overnight.   I’ve not been a good blogger this summer but I have been busy.



The pumpkin patch is thriving but the bean plants?    Eaten by the dastardly groundhog!


Plenty of green tomatoes

Plenty of green tomatoes


green peppers growing

green peppers growing


Flower beds are weeded

Flower beds are weeded

that little Frankenstein guy is my toad house


profusion of lemon balm

profusion of lemon balm


I’ve not really been into beading or making new pieces.   I’ve been teaching myself a bit of polymer clay work.   Here is half the stack of bead caps and toggle clasps I have made.  Don’t know if you can see it but the butterfly toggle is a caterpillar, or at least he will be once he is finished.   The whole stack has to be sanded, painted and clear coated, so sometime next week I will need to get busy on this.


polymer that needs to be finished

polymer that needs to be finished



My favorites are these steampunk toggles and beadcaps.


I got tired of trying to find just the right clasp from my “findings” stash so I spent time this week perfecting my own clasps.


Some are hammered wire in copper and antique bronze


button clasps

button clasps

I love making these button clasps.   The next time JoAnn’s Febric store has buttons for half price, I will probably go crazy loco buying buttons!.  Do you know that some fancy buttons are 16 dollars each?   I didn’t know that until I went to buy some!   Wow!


The week after next, the grandkids and I are going to start Monster Camp and I can’t wait for that!   We are all excited to make fabulous monsters.   I hate the summer heat, but the laziness of “simmertime” offers lots of fun.   Are you “simmering” also?   what are you doing to beat the heat?










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