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I See Colors!

I love colors.   I used to make a lot of monochromatic jewelry, only using one color of beads.   Now I love color palettes and interesting combinations.  Color palettes and color knowledge is something everyone can use, whether it’s for making jewelry, decorating your home, planning your flower garden  or picking your wardrobe.   If you love color yourself, you should check out Brandigirl Blog.   I’ve never known anyone who knew so much about color and color palettes.  She is amazing.  I love her blog.

She issued a color challenge a while back and July 10th is the date that everyone is going to blog about what they made following her color palettes.   She gave us six to choose from.   I chose the first.    I  had bought this adorable little birdhouse charm from Jennifer Heynen, of Jennifer Jangles Blog.   I had been wanting it a long time.   If you go to Micheal’s Craft Store, you will find her colorful ceramic beads.   They are wonderful!

Anyhow,  after I bought it, my scatterbrain gave me no clue what to use with it to make a necklace.   One look at color palette #1 and I marched right to my bead stash and pulled out these awesome ceramic beads (again, a purchase I had to idea what I was going to make with it).  Anyhow, I made this necklace with the birdhouse charm and my multicolor beads.   I tinted my chains with “Lettuce” color alcohol ink that’s sort of a limey green.   I added some little pewter bug charms to dance from my lettuce tinted chain.   I call it “Summer Dance at the Birdhouse Inn”.   Yep, I think the heat got to me.

Here it is, first photo shows the necklace sitting on the color palette so you can see, I sure did use her palette.

Palette #1 and necklace

Palette #1 and necklace


Here is a little more detail.


Birdhouse Necklace

Birdhouse Necklace


And a closeup of the birdhouse charm.   If you want to see Jennifer’s other colorful charms and beads, visit her Etsy shop.   This charm does not come with the bird attached.   I added her later.   I did not want to her to get lost with the dangling charms.


Jennifer Jangles Birdhouse charm

Jennifer Jangles Birdhouse charm


So, while I was moshing around, looking for beads, I found some old funky clay beads I bought a long time ago and look!   They went together perfectly for Palette #5, so I quick made this memory wire bracelet, and you know what?   It matches my favorite summer dress!  Is that not lucky?





Bracelet for Palette #5

Bracelet for Palette #5


I hope she gives us another challenge soon.   This was fun.












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  1. That necklace is fun AND serious (if that makes sense). It looks great!


    Comment by Dawn | July 10, 2013 | Reply

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