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Cherry Pickin’ Time

Just LOOK at this cherry!   Is this not picture perfect?    My beautiful cherry tree was just loaded with these beauties!


picture perfect cherry

picture perfect cherry

When the cherries get ripe everybody comes pickin”.   We had as many as 3 people in the tree at once.   Josh even got up on the roof to reach some of the higher branches and Jessie climbed so high we couldn’t spot her way up in the branches.



Josh getting JAM cherries

Josh getting JAM cherries


Jessie is up there somewhere

Jessie is up there somewhere


When almost all of the cherries were picked…….except for a few at the tippy top that we left for the birds, we had a little celebration with sparklers and popscicles and ice cream cones.  There was a lot of whooping and hollerin about who got the most cherries and who was the best picker.

get off me dog!

get off me dog!






Three little boys spent the night and had a blast.   I am amazed that nobody threw up in the night.   We watched a movie, ate huge bowls of chocolate ice cream with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

In the morning, everyone was starving again of course so I cooked massive amounts of ham, friend potatoes and scrambled eggs topped off with fresh strawberries.   I’m glad they didn’t stay for supper!!!



Josh called today and he made cherry jelly after he went home with his cherries.  Nick and Jess made cherry pies.   I am just keeping a bowl of fresh cherries around to snack on.   As you can see, a good  time was had by all and Mimi’s house is a great place to hang out






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  1. Our next-door neighbors had two cherry trees and even better, they wanted us to have all the fruit we could pick before the birds got to them. Mom would pick and then pit and freeze them for pies later in the year. I loved Mama’s cherry pie. Nice post, nice memories.


    Comment by Pamela H. | June 11, 2013 | Reply

    • We got a ton of cherries this year. Lucky you that your neighbor let you pick! My neighbors would love me if I told them to come over. LOL……..I”ve got enough to freeze some for pies this winter and to make some jelly. Everybody got some. Thanks for stopping by.


      Comment by stregajewellry | June 12, 2013 | Reply

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