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Shot Week

It’s a shot week. 

Last week I told you about the “Jewelry of the Month Club” that we made up for my 96 year old mom.   She is the only member of the club of course, but I see now that I am going to have to keep on my toes.   Only 4 days after she got her first package I called my sister and we were chatting when I heard mom yell from the background….”ARE YOU MAKING ANY JEWELRY?”

That old lady cracks me up.

It’s been a busy week.  When I get the injections in my spine, 
 I always plan for two or three days of light activity.   Shot day is a pain free day, well, after the pain of the shot and the fluid coursing through your veins).  That’s because you actually get 2 shots.  The first one is a local anesthetic which lasts about 18 hours so I am tempted to do all kinds of crazy stuff that I will regret later. 
 I learned the hard way not to act like I am cured.  Anywhere from 3 to 10 days after the shot, you get something called “steroid flash” which makes you feel worse.  .

So I planned to do simple things like making jewelry, sorting and organizing a couple boxes of jewelry findings that were in a ridiculous jumble, and making 150 won tons to put in the freezer.   I know a hundred fifty won tons sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really just grating the veggies, mixing up the meat with them and then standing and filling the wraps.   I would much rather do this on a cool morning than on a sweltering summer day when I get a mad craving for fried rice and wontons.   Plus, my children always seem to sniff out the wontons when I crave fried rice and show up in time to chow down on any extra wontons I have.   They have not quite got the hang of making them like mine.   My recipe is an ancient “family secret” handed down to me by a Vietnamese neighbor  I once had.

yummy fried won tons

yummy fried won tons


Anyhow, when my mom asked that question, I was totally prepared.  I had just finished a bracelet for her June piece.   I made this memory wire bracelet of freshwater pearls in shades of lavender, pale pink and grey.  The flower came out pretty well I think.   It reminds me of violets or violas, some of my most favorite spring flowers.   I think she will like it.  And, I had already packed the “bonus birthday pieces” she gets for “joining the jewelry of the month club” and had it ready to pop in the mail on Thursday.   It’s going to be hard to stay one step ahead of that old woman.




Speaking of memory wire……I had bought some from a craft store.  The coils were so loose that I could not use it for bracelets.   Once I got the beads on, it was so huge that only an extremely large arm would be able to wear the bracelet without having it fall of.  I didn’t want to toss it out so I tried out an earring idea and made these Big Ole Hootchie Mama earrings.   What fun!   I may have to make that a section in my shop.


Big Ole Hootchie mama Earrings

Big Ole Hootchie mama Earrings



Then, I tried some experiments I had been wanting to do for the Earring Club.   If you missed that blog, the Club starts on June 1st.  You can get a free membership just by commenting on my blog and every month you’ll get an email with a discount code to shop in my Artfire store.  Only club members can use the discount and it’s a good way to save some money.  Summertime is a great time to show off earrings.  It’s hot and we pull our hair back and there are our ears.   Don’t let them be naked folks!   Get in the club now!    LOL

I played around making ear coils and ear cuffs.   I have two types perfected for the club and they are so much fun.  The ear coils go behind your ears so you can wear them with your own earrings or piercings and people can’t really see the coil, just the chains hanging down.  They are fun and frisky and I can make them with purple, blue, pink, gold or silver chains.  Here is a horrid picture of my beautiful daughter’s ear with the chain coils.  Apologies for the bad pic but she stopped by on the way to a doctor’s appointment and she wasted a bunch of time trying on my new necklaces.  SIGH.   So the pictures were a rush job in bad light but you get the idea. 




ear coil without an ear

ear coil without an ear


coil with an ear

coil with an ear




Then, I tried out these ear cuffs with chain dangles.   One problem….I needed a post earring to make them work and of course, I had none.  SO…..what to do?   I made a fake post earring just for the picture.  I love these!  I think they look pretty.   Most women have at least one pair of post earrings so anyone can wear them just to dress up their ears.  Again, this is a bad shot.   Sorry.  My only other alternative was my bald headed grandson who was kind enough to let me play with his ears till I got the drape of the chains correct but who did not look quite right wearing them.

ear cuff without my grandson's bald head

ear cuff without my grandson’s bald head


ear cuff with chain dangle (and an ear)

ear cuff with chain dangle (and an ear)


And, last but not least, I wanted to share with  you a great book I read this week.

way cool book

way cool book


oops, I got that pic from Amazon and you can’t look inside it from here, but don’t worry.   I will give you a link to this picture on Amazon so you can look inside.

Here it is.   Dan Reeder’s Papier Mache Monsters. 

 Dan Reeder makes monsters out of papier-mache.  They are wonderful!!   You know how I love to do things with my grandsons and if you know me at all, you know that next to beads, I love Halloween, kids and monsters.   I’ve got my two young grandsons, my great grandson who is just a year younger than them, and 3 neighbor girls who want to make monsters with me.   Is this going to be a great summer or what? 


Oh yeah, he  also has a book called Make Something Ugly.  My Amazon Wish List just got longer!   This is my kind of guy.  I wonder if he needs a wife, LOL.    

Anyhow, that’s my easy week.  Even the wontons got made!   

See ya next week.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Earring Club.  What the heck are you waiting for?  





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  1. Great creativity ever i had read …..

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