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Today is Mothers Day so I am going to blog about my MA.   That little old lady is “game up”.   Here she is last Halloween.   We dressed her up in a witch’s hat and cape and she helped pass out candy.

Witchy MA

Witchy MA



my mom is 96 years old this year.  Ninety six………..I can’t believe that in 4 more years she will be 100.   She is tough enough to make it that long too.  This is my mom 7 years ago with her first great grandchild.




She is fortunate that her general health is good.  When she was 90, she called me up one day and told me “I think I might have arthritis.  My knee hurt when I woke up this morning.”    I laughed right out loud and told her “For God’s sake, Ma, you’re 90 years old.   You’re supposed to have something wrong with you!”

For the my sister and I and the grandkids, it’s so hard to please her when we try to come up with ideas for birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas.  Maybe you have the same problems.   She loves to get flowers but then tells us they cost too much money.  She lives with my sister in Florida and there are flowers all the time there.   She enjoys eating at Red Lobster and “that Chinese place” but if we send money for her to take a friend and my sister out to eat, she tells us that it’s too much money because she can’t eat that much in one sitting and has to take half of it home.  She doesn’t care to read or watch movies.  She can still crochet beautiful afghans but does not need any  more yarn.

One thing she does love is the mail.   She is tickled pink when she gets a card in the mail especially if there are pictures of the little baby kids.   We try to take turns sending something each week.

My mom grew up in the depression era.   She has told me at least a thousand times that when she was a girl, she had one dress, one pair of underpants and one pair of socks and had to wash them out by hand every night so she would be clean the next morning for school.

She and my dad were married for over 50 years when he died.  Here’s a photo of them taken on their 50th anniversary.  Fifty years!   That’s almost unheard of in this day and age.

Dad and Ma 50 years together

Dad and Ma 50 years together


While I was growing up, my parents were not wealthy.  We lived in a mountain region where work was scarce.   My parents both worked for leather companies and when these companies started sending work to China, my; dad was totally out of work.   He wasn’t idle however.   He stated working for himself as a painting contractor.   If someone couldn’t pay cash up, my dad worked the barter system.   My sister and I got our teeth fixed because the dentist needed his house painted.  It was a pretty good system.   We didn’t  have much but what we had was good quality.   My mom taught us to shop the sales and buy good quality clothes and shoes that would last.

After dad died and my mom moved in with my sister and money was not an issue, not that she had loads of cash but she didn’t have to struggle.  She loves jewelry.  She never had any growing up.  There wasn’t money for frivolous things when she had kids growing up.   We used to chip in and get her a really nice piece.  When she and Janet come to Ohio, she drags all her “stuff” with her and she will take it out and show it to the girls.   Now that I make jewelry, I always take a big basket to my daughter’s house and let Ma go through all the goodies.   She will spend an hour going through the basket, trying on all the stuff and laughing and giggling like a girl.

This year, for Mothers Day, I made her 4 bracelets and wrapped each one individually.   My sister called me when it came in the mail and I stayed on the phone while Mom opened them up.   She was like a kid in a candy store!!!   She wore all 4 bracelets to bed that night.   Meahwhile, my kids and grand kids are agonizing because they can’t come up with something she will love as much as her jewelry.

Then, my brilliant daughter came up with a great idea.   Yesterday Ma got
a card in the mail which said  “your children and your grandchildren have enrolled you in the Jewelry of the Month club.   Every month, you will recieve a new piece of jewelry in the mail for the next 12 months”.

All the kids and grandkids are to give me 10 to 20 dollars so I can buy beads.   If I buy in bulk, they are cheaper and I can get more.   I don’t have to donate because I’m doing all the work.   We are very excited about this plan and my mom is tickled to pieces.   She told my sister  “They should have done this 20 years ago, then I would have more jewelry”.

I agree.   We should have thought of this years ago.   There is  one very happy little old lady in Florida tonight.   I am psyched up about this.   I”ve already made her “bonus birthday gift” for her birthday on May 20th.   She gets so tickled when she gets mail that this is a wonderful idea.   She will have a whole year of fun, waiting for the mail and something to look forward to every month.

Ma's birthday earrings

Ma’s birthday earrings


Summery flower necklace

Summery flower necklace


Making the jewelry  myself is so much better.   She struggles with clasps, so I use magnetic ones on necklaces and I do a lot of memory wire bracelets.

Maybe you can use this idea yourself.   If your mom has something she really loves like books, flowers, special candy or coffee or whatever, you can start your own  Something of the Month Club.   You might not realize how much a piece of mail can mean to an older person and how much they might look forward to receiving that mail.   It’s not just the mail, it’s the fact that someone thought enough to send it for no very special reason.   If you try it, good luck.
















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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this story, and I enjoy your writing. I felt like I was right there when your mom was putting on her bracelets, and I could see her sleeping with them.


    Comment by Nelson Jewelry & Gemstones | May 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks……… ma is a hoot! I wish I had a recording of her opening those bracelets.


      Comment by stregajewellry | May 13, 2013 | Reply

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