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The long time I was flat down with my disc and back problems, one of the things I missed the most was making jewelry.  If I chanced to get an hour when I could sit up and do something, I always made a pair of earrings or two.   One can never have too many earrings, right?  Earrings were easy:  not a lot to think about as to pattern or fancy design.   By the third month when all the injections were working and I could sit up, I was an earring making machine.  So many nights when I could not sleep for the pain, I sorted through my bead stash and chose pairs of beads to make earrings.   Long story short:   I’ve got almost enough earrings to open a shop just for earrings.


chock full of earrings

chock full of earrings


And this is how organized I was………bags are sorted by color.  Are you impressed?

Another thing I had time to do was think.  I thought about designs.  I thought about ways to promote my studio and sell more things.

  I thought I might start an Earring Club.
  Now why would anyone want to join an earring club, you ask? 

Well, first of all, one can never have too many earrings.  Earrings can dress up even a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.  Also, they make great gifts.  My daughter comes to my house to shop when she needs a small gift for a friend who is sick or someone she knows who is having a rough time or even just to let a friend know she is thinking of them.  She also uses them as a gift to say “thanks” for someone who has done a nice thing for her.   She says they are perfect to slip into a card.   Then every time the  friend wears them, they remember that someone cares.

I have other reasons:   you can shop without leaving home, saving gas and time.

When you buy handmade, you don’t see your friends wearing the same earrings.   I might pick a style that I like and make several pair in different colors but when they are gone, they are gone.   Some earrings I make are one of a kind.  If you like a style but do not see your favorite color, you can ask for a pair to be made just for you.023

Many of the earrings feature unique beads or color combinations.  Some pairs are mismatched on purpose, quite fashionable and trendy.    I have one friend whose fashion statement has always been that she wears only one earring.   I wonder if there are others like her, though she is a one of a kind lady.  She loves having me create a new earring style just for her.
And a really good reason:  You will save money on each and every pair of earrings you buy.

So, how does this Earring Club work?

Once you join, you will get an email once a month.   In that email will be your buyers code for that month.   I’ll also send you a link to two or three of the latest earrings I have made.   I can even get personal.   If you have told   me you  love purple, I’ll link to the newest purple pair.   You can use your code to purchase any pair of earrings in the store.  You can buy one pair.  You can buy twenty pair.  (Please DO!!!) You can choose to buy none that month,.   No need to answer the email unless you have a special request.

Remember, anyone can shop my store for earrings but only members will have the code for the discount.  When you make your purchase, just put in the code and Artfire takes off the discount.

You can earn “Frequent Buyer” points and win up to 50% off your next purchase.  I’ll keep track and once you reach a certain number of purchases and let you know in your email just when you are eligible.

If you refer a friend, you earn a one dollar credit.   You can use it on your next purchase or you can save credits and use several together.  Just have your friend tell me that you referred them and I’ll send you a store credit in your next month’s email.  When you make a purchase and want to use a store credit, email me first and I will adjust the purchase price accordingly.



How do you join?   Email me:
Tell me how many months you want to join, 3, 6 or 12 I’ll send you a link to the slot in my store.   Click on it just like any other purchase and you’re in.   Membership for 3 months is 3  dollars, for six months is 5 dollars and twelve months is 10 dollars.   I guarantee you will save that much money during your membership.

Let me know what you think about this idea.   I hope I’ll meet some new people and have some fun getting to know each other.  When you email me about joining, if you want to tell me your favorite colors or styles (dainty, dangly or big bold and beautiful).   Or if you have a color you positively hate and would never wear, let me know that also.   I’ll keep track and never email you a link with that color.  I sure hope I hear from you.


Now for the best part!   You can get a free 6 month membership right now!   What do you have to do?

Just comment on this blog and “like” my page on Facebook.  Yep, that’s it!  You can share this Giveaway on Facebook.  Just leave me a comment on my Facebook page telling me you shared and you get  an extra entry.   What have you got to lose?   Not a thing.   You’ll save money on the membership, you’ll get percentage off.  You do not have to buy anything …..ever



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  1. I am hoping you are on the mend well. The earring club sounds seriously exciting!


    Comment by Bridget DiLuzio | April 26, 2013 | Reply

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