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I said there would be no more blogs until after Christmas but I was wrong.  

Two women have inspired me this week.   Ann Curry, the newscaster put out a call for 26 Random Acts of Kindness to honor the memories of those  slain at Sandy Hook.   Other women are taking this a step further.  

If you can visit this blog Kind over Matter you will find some great ideas for random acts of kindness, little things you can do to make someone’s day a little better.   I don’t know about you, but when I do some little thing, no matter how small, for someone else, it makes my whole day better.  

There have been stories on the news this week about paying it forward.  I love that idea and always have.   Any time I have done some small thing, I have found it returned to me later threefold.   Paying it forward doesn’t just mean paying for someone’s coffee or layaway.   It can be as simple as going out of your way to take time to help someone else with directions if they are lost, going next door to that old man’s house, the one who lives all alone, and taking some cookies, or chcking on that neighbor in the wheelchair when the power goes out.   You can find a hundred ways to spread a smile or a laugh. 

Here’s another inspirational post by one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Prais Hintz.   She is starting a little project called Operation S.A.N.T.A.    Santa should not just be heard from at Christmas.  He is not just some old fellow in a red suit that delivers presents.   What he truly has come to mean is the spirit of giving, not just of gifts, but of your time, your kindness and your caring.  

Erin’s acronym:  S imple  A cts   of N iceness to All

Oh, I know we all try our best to do right things whenever we can, but what if we ALL did at least one nice thing each and every day?   What would happen?   What if everyone on all of WordPress did exactly the same thing?  One act of kindness every day?  The acts would spread and multiply and maybe, just maybe, the whole world would get a little kinder.  

I’d like to see that.   I’m going to put that little button at the top of my page on my sidebar to remind me to join in the kindness and see what happens.   Stop by Erin’s blog and let her know you are joining in.  What a wonderful legacy these children of Sandy Hook have inspired.  Women everywhere, men too, instead of arguing and blaming and bemoaning the fate of the world are coming together in kindness and caring.  

Since my own son was killed, I have believed that to return violence with hatred and anger and more violence only means that the murderer has killed not just one person, but a great number of people.   To rise above that anger and hatred, we need to reach inside ourselves and find decency and pay that forward and make the world a better place, not a worse place.   I refuse to let killers win a victory with ther actions.   I can’t ignore what they do.   I will not be nice to them, but I will not let their actions color my own actions.


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  1. I completely agree with your post! I started my own challenge for myself to do a random act of kindness every day. The more people like you who encourage this, the merrier!


    Comment by Cool to be Kind | December 22, 2012 | Reply

    • I’ve worked in a retail store for years and see people come in who are harried and hurried and stressed out about this and that. I found it so easy to do something nice for people that I made it a way of life. I kept a jar of suckers underneath the counter for kids whose parents told them NO to treats when they had plenty of money for beer and cigarettes. I’ve brought dog treats for people whose dogs are their best buddies. Sometimes a smile or a funny joke or a compliment is so easy to pass along. Telling someone what a nice outfit they have on or how pretty their hair looks takes almost no effort. Even if I do not leave the house, I can still call a friend and chat or email an old buddy or just write on someone’s Facebook wall. Such little effort and such great returns.


      Comment by stregajewellry | December 22, 2012 | Reply

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