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Making Memories

The whole nation has been rocked this past week by the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook School. Our hearts break for the families of these children and many of us hold our own closer as we hold back tears for those parents who will never hold their children again.

Our family has been twice a victim of homicide……..which is a nicer word than the ugly word, murder, or so must seem to the PC folks. Ben, taken from us so young and years later, Tim, shot to death for his money. We have learned much from losing our own. We have learned to make memories evrery chance we get. We have learned that simple things we do together can last a lifetime longer than pictures or things or money. We have learned that time is important, time together. Especially in the holiday season, we try out best to get everyone together to make something, spend a whole exhausting day with everyone underfoot and doing something that even the littlest can take part in.  Even though we have suffered terrible losses, we have learned that the laughter our lost ones brought into our life can be the memories we choose to honor, not the horrid ones. 

This year, we made dog treats to give to our dog loving family and friends. There’s a lot of love in those dog treats. My grand daughter, Jessie, had to work and missed the fun but when she found a bag of doggie treats for her “kids” on her doorstep,  she felt like she had been part of the love we shared that day. We made cookies for the guys to take home to their parents who had to work that day and the cookies and love were shared that way. Forever, no matter who Time takes from us, we will have these times,  these laughs, this love.

The pictures will speak for themselves. Even Crabby Patti and little Nikolai got a cookie to decorate though they spent more time eating then decorating. What a wonderful family day!

B and Jay mixing the dough

B and Jay mixing the dough

rolling out the dough

rolling out the dough

cutting the shapes

cutting the shapes

getting bigger hands to roll

getting bigger hands to roll

to heck with the dog treats!  Open these marshmallows!

to heck with the dog treats! Open these marshmallows!


Cora is interested in the marshmallows!


Cookies!  Cookies for Nikolai!

Cookies! Cookies for Nikolai!

how many can we take home?

how many can we take home?

And so, I wish for you all, a holiday full of fun memories, no matter what you celebrate. This is traditionally the season of peace. Let us pray for peace in the hearts of the violent, in the hearts of the betrayed, in the hearts of leaders the world over, in the minds and souls of those who have suffered violence against them.



(old native american saying)

And finally

Let it snow!


Snow covers all the muck and mud and ugliness (and especially the dog poop) and makes the whole world look brand new!

let it snow!!!!

let it snow!!!!

No more blogs till New Years.   It’s Family Time!!!


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  1. Fun Day full of NOISE!!!


    Comment by Dawn Ball | December 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Noise can be a GOOD thing!!! You know you would miss the noise if no one was around.


      Comment by stregajewellry | December 21, 2012 | Reply

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