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2012 Recap

One of my blogger friends, Erin Prais-Hintz has a way cool blog.   I know you’ve heard me mention her name.   She has fab blog hops.  I won some beads on one of her giveaways.   One of Erin’s friends also has a way cool blog, Brandi Hussey.   Brandi did a recap of her 12 favorite blog posts for the end of the year and inspired Erin to do the same.   I had reading material for half the night………thank you ladies…………..



I learned a lot of interesting things from Brandigirl Blog!   Check her out!  

Anyhow, my girly gurus inspired me to check out my own blog and see what were my 12 fav posts!    And, you know what?   I barely HAD 12 posts!   In fact, though I’ve had a blog here for a long time, I posted maybe once every 2 or 3 months. 

Then I got hooked on blog hops.  

That got me reading other people’s blogs and I met some very nice people.  Then I subscribed to other people’s blogs because I liked what they had to say.   Then I made some friends.  I found I liked writing down what was going on in my life and tracking my process.   I found I learned from and was challenged by reading other people’s blogs.   I started taking what I was doing more seriously and started brancing out.

I only picked 6 of my blog posts that I liked, well, 7….  one was my guest blogger, Crabby Patti.  But, I know I’ll be blogging more often in the year to come.   Right now………I’m headed outside to check out the meteor shower!  

Firefly Tale

Handmade is the Best Made

Endangered Species (the rock show)

Something Wiccan this way Comes

My First Blog Hop

Coming Out

2012 Predictions

Guest Blogger:  Introducing Crabby Patti    Out of the mouths of Babes


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