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Gifts and a Giveaway

   Back by popular demand is Miss Crabby Patti who is my guest blogger today. (Crabby Patti’s 68 strands of beads donated by verious charitable souls including grandmas and grandpas)

Hi!   It’s me again. 

I”m a busy girl so I will get right to the point. My Mimi wants me to be sure and tell you that handmade presents are the best presents!  So give the big companies a raspberry and support small businesses!

My cousins went to Mimi’s house to make presents. They made magnets for kids and purse charms for ladies. They used the little resin caps. Next week they are going to make fingerprint magnets for the grandmothers refrigerators. I’m going to do it too. And we are making dog treats too. I hope those boys made me some beads. I don’t have nearly enough.

Mimi let Nikolai use the scissors!  My mom doen't let ME do that!!!

Mimi let Nikolai use the scissors! My mom doen’t let ME do that!!!

My cousin, Ben

My cousin, Ben



These are for the purse charms and key rings.

Okay, that’s enough about boys

Crabby Patti with 68 strands of beads!

Crabby Patti with 68 strands of beads!


Lets talk about BEADS!!!!

Last week, my Mimi had a blog hop and promised to give away some beads to another lady who makes jewelry and some earrings to someone who just stopped by to visit.     I got to pick the names out of a huge big fishbowl!   


PRISKA:!    Send my Mimi your address ans she will mail them out next week!   This is what they look like.

Celtic Knot Earrings

Celtic Knot Earrings

I GOT TO PICK ANOTHER NAME.   THIS BEAD LADY WHO LEFT A COMMENT GETS THESE SPECIAL BEADS FROM THE GEM SHOW.   MIMI SAYS THEY ARE CALLED DRAGON’S VEIN.  They are really tiny geodes and if you don’t want to string them like this, you can crack them open and inside are little crystals and you can wire wrap them like that instead.  

Dragons Vein Agates

Dragons Vein Agates



Okay, I”m done now.   I’ve got places to go and people to hug.   I’ll  be back. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Here is a link to my Mimi’s store if you want to shop around.  AND, she says she is having a Pin it to
Win it next week on her Facebook page so look for Strega Jewellry and “like” her page and watch for the pinit thing. 


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