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Shiba Haven

Remember last week when I said there was a sale at Micheals and I was ready to run out the door and go buy beads?  Well, of course, I went….. but this post is NOT about beads!   LOL

It just so happens that my BFF lives right near Micheals so I decided to stop by and visit her while I was in that area.   It’s quite a way from my house and I don’t go over there very often.

My BFF, Paula and her husband, Rob have show dogs.  They also do a lot of volunteer work for Tri State Shiba Rescue in Ohio.   They foster dogs who have been rescued from puppy mills and other places.  Anyhow, at this point in time, with their own dogs (one who just had pups) and their fosters, they have 10 dogs!  TEN!

Rob works but Paula is a full time Shiba Mom.  And you can tell that she takes her job seriously.   Let me tell you, I had visions of what it might look like to have 10 dogs in one home. And it wasn’t pretty!   My dog makes more messes than my four kids made.   But I was amazed!   Each dog has its own little area, sectioned off by big cages.  Not all of them are loose at once.   Everyone’s area was immaculate!  Water dishes sparkled and carpets were clean!   How the heck does she do that?

Anyhow, I’d like you to meet them.   I did not get everyone’s photo and maybe I’ll get a name or two wrong, but I’ll do my best.


This is Sultan, Paulas very own dog.   He is a gorgeous little fuzzball but not a show dog.   He’s very proud of himself here because the night before, he passed his obedience class and he is showing me his sit-stay!

little purple

When show pups are born, they each get a different color yarn collar so the owners can tell which was born first and who is who.  They don’t get names until they are sold and registered.   This little guy is “purple”.


I fell in love with this guy.  Baron is a rescue.  They will keep him until he is ready to go to a “forever” home.   Many foster dogs  from puppy mills have never been outside of a box and are very fearful of everything.  It takes a lot of work and love to get one ready to go to a home and be comfortable in everyday living.

Allie and Grace

Grace is a foster that they fell in love with and could not bear to let her go so they adopted her.   She was a puppy mill girl but now is so sweet and lovable, you can’t resist her.   In the cage behind her is a real pistol whose name is Allie.  She is well on her way to becoming a champion.   She is the first one of their very own that was born to them.

Grace and Yuki-san

Grace again (that girl just had to be in the middle of everything) and Rob’s own dog who is not a show dog, the adorable Yuki-san.

Minx and pup

Miss Minx (not her formal name) who is the first dog they got to “show” and who is a champion.   Not a championship photo……….hey, she just had 3 kids and blew her coat.  Behind her, you can see another pup.

Green pup

This is the green pup who sure has a terrific personality!

And, I hear you saying.  That is not 10 Shibas.  Well, no it isn’t.   Somehow, I  did not get a picture of the other foster dog or the little pink girl pup and I could swear I took one.   I was so busy meeting all of them……….well, you get the idea.

Shibas are awesome dogs!   They don’t get too big and they are so pretty and have really cool personalities.    If you want to learn more about Shibas, check out this link.   If you are a person who is looking to adopt a rescue, check out Tri-State’s adoption page.  They do some great work helping dogs.  Or, if you just want to help a Shiba out, I’m sure they take donations.

Oh, and I bet you thought I wasn’t going to talk about beads in this post!    WRONG!

These are the  beads I got on sale at Micheal’s.    LOL………I could not resist!

bead pile

None of them match the beads I won and that is the reason I went there in the first place.   What the heck happened?

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  1. Sultan looks so much like my dog Baylee when she was a puppy. What type of dog is he? Baylee is mixed but we are not sure what type she is.


    Comment by sethsnap | October 27, 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Seth! Sultan is a Shiba also, but a long haired Shiba. They don’t usually show the long hairs. I’m not sure of all the Shiba traits but if you check that link I posted, it will tell you and you can check and see if Baylee has similar characteristics. Are there photos on your pages? I read two posts but it is late and I”m realy to hit the bed.


      Comment by stregajewellry | October 27, 2012 | Reply

      • Yes, she has very long hair. She also has black dots on her tongue. I’ll find some puppy pictures and show you. She is very protective and she herds everything.


        Comment by sethsnap | October 27, 2012

    • Just went back and took a quick look. She sure has the same coloring. It’s hard to tell from the shots I saw. Maybe if Paula or Rob take a look they could tell better. She is definitely a beauty!


      Comment by stregajewellry | October 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. If she is a herder, she might be part border collie. That was my first thought when I saw her. My neighbor has a miniature border collie with the same long beautiful hair and a similar face. That dog is smart as a whip and a herder to boot.


    Comment by stregajewellry | October 27, 2012 | Reply

  3. People who rescue animals have a special place in heaven, I truly believe.


    Comment by Lori Anderson | October 27, 2012 | Reply

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