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I’m having some fun this week all thanks to Erin Prais Hintz.  Maybe you never heard of Erin if you are not a beader.  She is a fantastic artist and designer.  She also makes these fabulous pendants called Simple Truths and sells them in her Etsy Shop.   Anyhow, I always read Erin’s blog Tesori Trovati.   Maybe you remember I was in her World Travel Blog Hop when I got all fireed up about Ireland.   Erin always challenges her followers to get outside their comfort zones and do new things.

ANYWAY…………Erin got chosen with some other famous designers to create a design for Micheal’s with beads from that store.   Her Toast of the Town Necklace is awesome!   You can find the instructions here and make your own

Generous soul that she is, Erin hosted a giveaway on her blog.  Three people were randomly selected to win strands of beads from Micheals in different color palettes.  Their challenge was to make a variation of the piece she designed.   We all have different styles so this will show the versatility of the design.

I won these beads!

Red black color palette

Well, of course, I wanted to trot off to Micheal’s to buy some more beads to fill in with this palette ………you know me.   And how lucky is this?   Beads are fifty percent off this week!   Wow!   I almost ran out the door in my Grinch jammies!   Beads on sale????   Count me in!   Never tell a bead junkie that there is a 50% off sale unless you want to get run over by a charging bead addict!

On November 2nd, we will have a blog hop and reveal our work!   Stay tuned!


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  1. You’re sounding perky? Are you feeling better or is it just the half price beads talking? Love these beads – love the colors and thanks for sharing.


    Comment by Susan Bahr | October 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. I think that was the excitement of the upcoming “bead chase”! My ears are somewhat better but I’ve got a way to go. Thanks!


    Comment by stregajewellry | October 23, 2012 | Reply

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