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Show and Tell

I’m not always thinking about beads and jewelry.  Really, I’m not.   I love the outdoors and I do love creatures.   I especially love the weird and the wonderful.   I am always on the lookout for the strangest of creatures.   I found the most awesome blog this week!  It’s not a WordPress blog but it is so totally cool, I had to share it with you.

I happened to read a phrase in a book somewhere about a blanket octopus.   Now, I do think that octopi and squid are fascinating so I looked for the blanket octopus on the web.  What a wonderful place is the internet!  Of course, Wikipedia told me all the technical info on this animal but Real Monstrosities gave me facts AND the most fabulous video!

The blanket octopus, technical name is tremoctopus is a cephalopod that lives in surface to mid-waters in subtropical and tropical oceans.   They have long transparent webs that connect the dorsal and dorsolateral (right and left, I guess) arms of adult females.   The other arms are much shorter and have no webbing.  The females can grow up to 2 metres in length, but the males, poor things, never grow up.   (I think I married one of them).  They rarely get above two inches long.

Wanna know why they never grow up?   Well, they have a third right arm which stores sperm.  When they mate, this arm comes off and crawls into the mantle of the female to fertilize her eggs (sounds painful to me).  And after they mate……the males die.   For me, that would be the ultimate birth control method…….if you do it, you die buddy.   But not for these brave fellas.   Once they have done their share and parted with their detachable “arm”, their sperm fertilize some of the 100,000 eggs that the female carries under her own arms and the males are finished.   She carries the eggs until they hatch.

Here is a picture of the blanket octopus, courtesy of Real Monstrosities.    Please follow that link and watch a most amazing video of this creature!    You won’t be sorry!   Well, I was a little bit sorry……I lost about an hour and a half of sleep time checking out lots of the other wonderful articles and videos of amazing creatures.   I nominate this blog for the most awesome, amazing, fantabulous award ever!

photo courtesy of Real Monstrosities

Please notice that I only mentioned beads ONCE in this blog! Well, 2X now.   I am NOT an addict!

And one more thing:   One of my guild sisters is thinking way ahead to Christmas shopping already.   She is posting a link on her blog to lots of very cool HANDMADE gifts for early Christmas shoppers.   So check out this link and every week you will see new gift ideas!  They aren’t just jewelry either.  You’ll see quilts, scarves, note cards and all kinds of different items.   Personally, I love handmade gifts.  Showcase.



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  1. Very cool- my daughter loves sloths! Looking forward to checking out the gift ideas- always buy local or handmade when possible! Ps I like beads and you can, too. I won’t tell a soul, promise…


    Comment by susanbahr | September 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. LOL Susan, I think everyone already knows…………


    Comment by stregajewellry | September 23, 2012 | Reply

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