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Hot and humid days of a midwest summer keep me inside and doing lots of beadwork projects.  I totally FOLD in the heat and humidity.  When the weather starts to cool, I want to be outside.   I need a break from beads, thinking about projects, and time to catch up on all the outside work I didn’t get done during the heat wave.   Fall is my downtime from working on bead projects.

It’s also a time of year when pagans celebrate Mabon, the first of the harvest holidays.  As you may or may not know, pagans are earth based folk and our turns of the year closely follow the seasons of our earth mother.   Fall is the time for gathering and giving thanks for the harvest, what we have gleaned from seeds we planted during the year both outside in the yard and inside in our lives.   It’s also time to clear the fields and ready them for the fallow season of winter.  Not only do we do this outside with our plants and gardens, we extend it into our personal lives and examine what isn’t “working” for us, what do we want to get rid of.

To this end, I’ve been busy.  The sons and grandsons have been put to work clearing brush.   I want a moss garden next summer and a strawberry and asparagus bed.   Brush must be cleared for brush and weeds grow when all else is dying in the heat. A fence must be put up to keep out the dog.

Nikolai helping put up fence posts

Inside, I’ve been cleaning.  Cupboards and closets are cleaned.  Unused items and clothing are bagged and moved OUT of the house.   We clear the old to make room for the new.   Along with closets and cupboards, I’m clearing out my bead stash.   I have lots of stuff to destash and will be selling and trading most of the winter.   Books have been listed on Amazon for if I am not using them, they need to find homes where someone else will use them.

It’s also time to get OUTSIDE and enjoy and take pictures for the love of taking photos or for inspiration.   Here are some shots from the Wegerzhen Garden Center.   I love to walk through the gardens and take shots of all the plant life.  I SEE COLORS!!!!!


light and shadow

quiet pond

natural beauty

It’s a time to take a day with family and go to a festival, to enjoy the weather and have fun together.

Dayton Reggae Festival

Rasta Day!!!!

This, to me, is one of the happiest festivals of the year……….I have friends in a local band called Demolition Crew and I love the music.   There are lots of vendors and colors and I always run into friends I haven’t seen in a long time.   Unexpected fun!  I discovered a new band I liked a lot, the Soul Rebels


The Celtic band, Pictus, performed this year.  For a small group, they have a great sound and are just a good time waiting to happen.  There were lots of vendors selling jewelry, crafts, candles and booths sponsored by local pagan organizations to inform people where to find like-minded people.


There is also a raffle.   I bought 6 tickets for five bucks and I won TWO TIMES!!!!!

I won this beautiful lanyard, even more special because it was made by a good friend.

beautiful lanyard

I won this gorgeous journal made by the Goblin Trader

very cool journal

Me, doing a happy Celtic jig

We also had a public ritual outside in the sun and it was so uplifting.   I determined that I will walk about in the community more this coming year (the wheel of our year begins with Samhain in October as opposed to New Years in January).   I will give up some of my solitary ways and mingle more with people who are part of the pagan community and by doing so, increase my spiritual growth.

I’ve also determined to give up guild membership in one guild to make room for a new guild.   I plan to start my own and plant new seeds, to find a group of artists dedicated to challenging themselves as I am and not just showcasing their work.

I’ve also decided to remove smoking from my life.   I never thought I would want to quit.   I like to smoke.  Tobacco has been a part of my life since I was young and EVERYONE smoked EVERYWHERE. You young folks will not believe it, but in college, there were ashtrays in the hallways and you could smoke in school.  Our teachers smoked with us on breaks.     It’s not working for me anymore and I want to let it go.  That’s a big one, people.   Almost a lifetime of social smoking and the hardest thing I ever tried to give up.   Drinking was nothing compared to this one.   Caffeine, a snap.   Sugar, a breeze.

It’s a time to challenge myself to learn new things.   I chose one simple thing, learning to make a wrap bracelet.   They look so simple they have never appealed to me to make but I think it might be fun to learn and something cool to teach my young grandsons.  In school, they are making plastic necklaces and bracelets and this would be fun for them to learn this winter.

I have also chosen polymer clay.   I admire the artists I know who make their own “art beads” to include in their projects and I challenge myself to learn to do the same.

So, my downtime has been productive.   I’m not finished yet.   I’ll be cleaning and clearing right through till the week before Samhain.   I’ll be sketching and putting new ideas into my journal.  Whew!


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  1. Congrats on choosing to remove a big boulder in your path, Lee, namely smoking! I won’t pretend it is easy, painless or without some loss. Most worthwhile accomplishments have a cost. I experienced many difficulties when I chose to live without cigarettes; though it has been many years, I don’t fool myself into thinking I could smoke one today. It is an addiction like all those others you mentioned.

    It sounds like this is the perfect time of year for you to continue your growth as an artist. Best wishes on starting your new guild… it sounds like this may be a fruitful season for you. New friends, new attitudes, new challenges!

    You will love polymer clay. It has a learning curve like any craft, but it is such a chameleon that you can make it your own!


    Comment by Monique U | September 10, 2012 | Reply

    • Monique, I’m so worried that I won’t be able to do this……….SIGH. But, I am going to try my darndest. I’m excited about working with polymer. But when I see people doing such complicated things with it, I almost lose my nerve! I do love working with metal clay and have so many stamps and textures, surely I can create something nice at least once! LOL Thanks for the good wishes.


      Comment by stregajewellry | September 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. Wonderful – I enjoy your energy, feel your joy and enthusiasm for the changing season. In Vermont, we live a different cycle – now’s the time for regrouping, prepping for a long winter ahead. Already, I spend more time inside, but then, I’m not a farmer, I’ve nothing to harvest. I only know what my body’s telling me – hurry up, get things done.
    Winter’s coming.
    I wish you the best – love your art/jewelry and your writing. Keep the posts coming, please.


    Comment by susanbahr | September 10, 2012 | Reply

  3. I spent more than half my life in upstate N.Y., about an hour drive from Vermont so I know your cycle there. Here in Ohio, we will still be outside “getting things done” till the last week in October. The nights will be fresh and cool, the mornings dewey and the days filled with sun. Then it RAINS and rains some more. Finally we get a little snow for Christmas, maybe or an ice storm is more likely. And you will have beautiful snow snow snow!


    Comment by stregajewellry | September 11, 2012 | Reply

    • Wonderful that nature provides us with a colorful show before she strips it all away. Already the leaves are shifting from green to gold and firing up to red and orange. I always feel a bit sad this time of year – I miss the colors and the sounds of summer. Snow is quiet. The days are short. The winter is far too long.
      If I didn’t have such deep seated roots I’d leave this damned place…


      Comment by susanbahr | September 13, 2012 | Reply

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