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A Firefly Tale

I think I’ve said before that I value my Native American roots.   Stories and legends, teachings and lore all fit into my life in some way.   This is one of my favorites.  It comes from a wonderful wise woman of Seneca and Chrerokee descent.  Jamie Sams is an author, a teacher and wise woman.  You can find her books here and more information about her or you can visit this site and read some of her wisdom.

This teaching about fireflies is one that has played an important part twice in my life now.  I want to share both times with you so I will do part one on this blog and part two on the next blog.  The story is Jamie Sams’ own  story from her book Sacred Path cards.  I tell it this way, in my own words to kids

Fireflies have unborn stars in their tails.


Some people will take one of these unborn stars into their heart if their heart is open and good.  There that star would grow and grow.  When it had loved and been loved here on Earth, one day that star would take it’s place in the Great Star Nation.

The pain and suffering the heart endures in this world will cause people many tears. Sometimes, people will want to give up.  If they keep true to their faith, and remain strong of heart, then all those tears they shed will not put out the fires in that unborn star and it will keep growing.  If the stars kept on loving, they would grow into big stars and would send the love they had gathered up to everyone in the world to remind all people of the open heart of Great Mystery.  So let the fireflies remind you that no matter how bad your pain or hurt, keep your heart open and loving and keep your star safe.

My Story

I once had a young friend.   His name was Casey and he had an incurable cancer.  Casey loved stories about Indians.   He was only 12 and his treatments were getting unbearable.  He became discouraged and didn’t want any more. You see,  Casey knew he wasn’t going to get any better and it started to be too much for him.

I wrote out the firefly story for him, a little longer version,  and made him a firefly necklace, nothing fancy really,  just a pictograph on a flat river stone.  I hung it from suede lace.  Then I took a denim jacket and decorated it with beads and fabric so it looked like a “real Indian’s jacket”.  I put the name Starkeeper on his pocket.

In my letter to him, I said

“I think, my friend, that you are keeping one of these unborn stars in your own heart and all this pain and suffering you have and all the tears you cry will not put out its flame.  Your courage and your good heart will keep this star safe and one day, my Little Brother, that star will travel far from us and your love will shine down on all of us from the Great Star Nation and your mom and Aunt Pam, your brother and all your friends and I will look into the sky and know that great love is waiting there when we take our own journey into the Stillness.  And so, because you are so brave, I am giving you the Indian name of Starkeeper.”

Well, little Casey was so proud of his jacket and Indian necklace, he wore them all the time and told all the folks at St. Jude that he was a starkeeper.  He braved more treatments until, when he was 13, he journeyed far from us all.

The fireflies are here once again.  I love to see them in the summer.  And when I see the first one of the year, I look up into the sky and think of Casey and how brave he was.

I wanted to make a jewelry piece, a  nicer one this time, to illustrate this story.  Sometimes, those who are very ill spend lots of time in bed and a necklace just isn’t practical.   I decided on a bracelet.

I took this bronze heart bezel, a picture of a firefly and one of the night sky and put one on top of the other. If you look really close, you can see the star in the firefly’s tail.  I filled the heart with resin.  I used faceted dark blue glass beads and some small greenish ones that reminded me of the flickering lights of Firefly as they dance through the blue light of evening.  It’s really a simple little thing but it means a lot to me.  I will call it, the Starkeeper bracelet, in memory of my young friend.   I hope it will find its way to someone who needs to hear this story.

Native American teachings say that anything that is healing to your body, mind or spirit is “medicine”.  Medicine can be a sunset or a song that lifts your spirit and heals your hurt.  It can be a story, a stone that you pick up that makes you feel peaceful.  It can be the antics of an animal, the wind through the trees or it can be something like this little bracelet, with its story.   I think it is “good medicine”.

Starkeeper Bracelet


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  1. Your bracelet is good medicine indeed and I know it will find just the right person to wear it. I loved your firefly story and what you shared about Casey. Your good heart is shining through, Lee.


    Comment by Linda Landig | July 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thanks Linda. Casey was a special little guy and his sotry and that of the fireflies means a lot to me.


    Comment by stregajewellry | July 3, 2012 | Reply

  3. This is just beautiful, and so heartfelt. Thank you so much for sharing.


    Comment by Vickie | November 23, 2012 | Reply

  4. What a beautiful story. When I was a young child I was always intrigued reading about fireflies. I never got to see one in real life. It finally happened not to long ago and was a magical moment.


    Comment by Priska | November 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Yes, Priska, they certainly are a delight!


      Comment by stregajewellry | November 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Yes! I just wanted to pop in and share a story. As a child, I read books with fireflies, but I always thought they were fantasy, like dragons and unicorns. I didn’t give it much thought until I was probably in my 40s, and I actually saw them. They are still just magic to me!


      Comment by Vickie | November 25, 2012 | Reply

      • Wow, that is two of you! I thought fireflies were EVERYWHERE! I cant believe I know two people who never saw them until they were grown. Wow! One of my happiest childhood memories was chasing them round the yard! My grandkids love them!


        Comment by stregajewellry | November 25, 2012

  5. Really lovely story and a wonderful thing you did for that little boy!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by blueberribeads | July 2, 2015 | Reply

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