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Been a long time since I blogged last.   SIGH.   Some health issues, some discouragement.  I don’t have many readers anyhow, so I wasn’t worried I would  be missed.   Okay, no crying.  

I’ve been experimenting with resins.   Been dying to try them and thought this would be a great time to work with them…..lots of time on my hands.  I sure did learn a lot of things.

First of all, those tutorials make everything look so easy.   I spent hours on You Tube, checking out people who were pouring resin like crazy and making all kinds of cool things.   They make it look like a walk in the park.  

First thing I learned.   Ordering bezels for resin work online can be tricky.   I ended up with some so small that I couldn’t figure out what to put in them.   I am NO GOOD with millimeters and that’s how they are described on websites.   I need inches to visualize.  

Second thing I learned.   While there are LOTS of bezels out there, not all of them are deep enough to insert anything except your picture.  Even when you luck out and get the deeper bezels, finding little charms and things to add to your piece is hard.   They might look great in the store, but when you get them home, maybe they cover up too much of your photo or maybe they are just a MILLIMETER……there’s that word again…..too high for your bezel.   I have a very nice collection of little “hearts and flowers and other things that are not suitable.  

Here are some bezels that I filled with resin and just a picture because they weren’t deep enough for anything else.   The pieces are okay, but nothing special.


I like Goth type images.  Love these crows in the cemetary.  No room for even a feather.


My daughter  picked out this Goth bride image.  Wanted to add a blood drop or rose but no room.


I fell in love with this little hip hop dancer.   His energy is so happy!  He needed some bling thing I thought, but no room for that.

Anyhow, I did find some deeper bezels and was able to add charms and some steampunky gears. 


This bezel is deep enough but the cross really didn’t want any additions so it is plain.


This Goth girl that my grand daughter picked out only needed a pair of angel wings.


This one is my favorite, steampunk western style gal I call True Gritte.  She has a cowboy boyfriend whose name is Oakley Aimes, but he isn’t done yet.  

Some problems I had. 

Finding images that are okay to use is tough.   You can order printed sheets but, of course, I wanted to be different.   I didn’t want some premade sheets that just anyone could buy.   I did find a couple of places with vintage images to download but the goth stuff I can’t sell because I am not sure of the copyrights.  

If you download images, sizing them to fit is a pain in the buttocks.  They would look like the correct size on the screen and after printing………..not fit.   Cutting them is also a pain in the buttocks.  Be sure you have good scissors and a steady hand because, believe me, if there is just a sliver of edge showing, you can notice it.  And, if there is just a smidge of paper that furls up onto the side of the bezel………………..ARGHHHHH,  you get a dimple!   

I used “doming” resin on my first pour.   Do NOT fill to the tippy top of the bezel than try to slide the piece around.  My resin over-ran and there was nothing to do but wait until it dried then scrape it off.

Cover your wet bezels so not dust or dog hair get imbedded.  One stinking dog hair is impossible to pull out once the resin is set.  I did cover mine, but a hair sneaked in there anyhow.  SIGH.  Also, be careful how you set your cover down.  I spilled a watch casing and resin ran all over EVERY piece laying near it.   OMG, what a mess!  

IF you have a spot where resin does not reach the corners, you can repour after it is dry, lucky me.   I have to redo this steampunkery watch casing.   This was an experiment anyhow.   I wanted to see if one had to cook the polymer clay before setting it in resin.  No, you do not.  I wanted an old map in the casing, like the old fashioned ones that said “Here be Dragons” on the edge of the sea that hadn’t been explored.   I figured the polymer clay dragon could be geared up to give the piece a steampunk look.  I think you can see the dimples where it did not quite reach the edges.   It doesn’t matter anyhow because I found out, that if you really screw up, you can dig the resin out with an exacto knife.  Once you get it in the edge, the whole thing will pop out.   I want to redo this piece because I am not really happy with the way my “dragon” looks.  I want more spikes on his top and I had to flatten him too much so the gears would cover with resin.   I also want the edges of the map to go all the way up the sides of the casing. I think that will look better.


Last but not least, here is a work in progress.   I had this Victorian sash buckle and didn’t know what to do with it.   I found a “fairy” type woodsy scene and resined it in the center.   I’ll glue on the brass ox rose and fairy after I put some patina on them, probably some verdigris on the wings and leaves.  I think I need one more thing.  Then have to find the right “necklace” material to showcase the piece.



Oh, and one more problem.  It’s really hard to take pictures of resin pieces.   I used a flash and either the resin showed a glare or I got a yellow cast to the whole pictures somehow.   I’ll really need to work on photography skills when I am ready to list some pieces.  

All in all, I’m not unhappy with what I have learned.   I’ve got some gifts for family, some for myself and a couple of pieces I can offer for sale.   I’ll do much better I’m sure. 


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  1. I read this over at the Hive and came over to leave a comment. What you say about the measurements (inch vs mm) and the depth are two reasons I haven’t jumped into this work, yet. It’s difficult to see the depth of the bezels online and the mm thing is a pain. Even though you had some problems, they arrangements are very nice! Thanks for sharing your experience.


    Comment by Gloria | June 2, 2012 | Reply

    • Gloria, I’m glad this was helpful to someone. I always see success stories online and never the failures. I thought I would be different and document some struggles. I’ve done more work since then. I’ve found the bezels from Nunn designs, though priced higher are deep enough to add things. I may do another blog about some other messes I’ve gotten into with the resins. I keep trying.


      Comment by stregajewellry | June 2, 2012 | Reply

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