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I AM Organized!

I read a lot of other jewelry blogs and it seems almost everyone had some New Year’s resolutions they posted. Hmmm. I try NOT to make resolutions. It just stresses me out, giving me one more thing to think about and be in charge of. (Bad English there).

I AM organized! I will not resolve to get MORE organized! If I could find everything at the tip of my fingers, I would not have to search through forgotten purchases and I would get no surprises. I found some beads yesterday that I had forgotten about. It just happened that they perfectly matched some new beads that I wanted to work with. How awesome! I got so excited, I immediately set to work and made these Telltale Heart earrings with my new “mood beads” that change color when you wear them and these puffy green hearts.

And, while I was looking, I found some more hearts.  See, I AM organized!   I had all the hearts together!   And I made some heart earrings.

I even took the pictures and listed them in my shop already.  (big grin!)

Another resolution I saw was to “organize workspace”.   Well.   I don’t need that one either!   My workspace is a mess!   It means I’m working on something.   And, I’ll have you know, the latex gloves I use to work on copper clay are NOWHERE NEAR my latex gloves I use to work on Bronz clay.   (grinning like a Cheshire cat!)

Hmmm, you can see the hollow form cuff in bronze that I am working on……….not far away, some butterflies and keys I am painting today for a bracelet (I already have the hearts on it from my heart stash).  Once the charms dry, I’ll put a little gilders paste on them and clear coat them to seal them and they will be ready to use.

Another resolution I saw was to blog more regularly.   SIGH!   Okay, okay, I’ll do it.   I’m always working on something.   I’ve been perfecting my skills with the bronze clay since my workshop/vacation weekend at Zeffers Farm Studio.   I have two plastice storage dishes filled with pieces that are ready to fire.   Bronze clay, copper or silver, they all take lots of time, lots of steps.   The cuff I am working on started out at a piece of cork clay, molded the way I want the bracelet to look.   If you’re not familiar with cork clay, here’s a piece with no bronze on it yet.  It’s a primitive goddess figure.   I’m not really happy with her breasts.  The old primitive stonework has more pendulous breasts, but her belly and legs are ample, like the old stone figures.   She’s on the drying plate along with a clay collar that just needs me to put in the holes for attaching embellishments.

The cuff is two ropes of cork clay, twisted, then painted with 21 coats of bronze clay.   I had some pieces that I broke while putting holes in them and I just put them in  a jar with a bit of distilled water and let them mush to a paste.   Twenty one coats later, I have this to work with.

You can see it needs some fine finishing:   a little smoothing and some sanding and it will be ready to fire.   The cork clay will burn away during the firing and I’ll be left with a hollow bronze core.   I’ll put chains and beads for the rest of the bracelet.   I won’t do this design again.   The crevices are a pain in the buttocks and smoothing it out is also a pain.  But, I work……..I learn.   Mostly, I made it to use up my paste.   I had to use it on something.   I’m wondering if I can simply go over this with water, enough to soften the clay, then use a texture plate to put on a texture.   I’m thinking those crevices would be my downfall and it would take almost as much time as it would to put a smooth finish on.   I’ll think about it.

Anyhow, these are NOT resoltions and I am happy to say,  I don’t need any.


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  1. Love your blog…LOL…just finish cleaning my space in the basement …now ,it is time to fix the mess in my studio over the garage .:O)


    Comment by elaine (zoomgraphik) | January 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Elaine, you people who are organizing are almost making me feel guilty. Dont even try it. I have figured out one thing as a jewelry maker. As soon as I get organized, I’ll definitely make another mess! It never ends. I do, however keep my “addictions” separate. All my poly clay tools are in one spot, all my tools for metal clay in another storage spot, I’ve made a place for resins (something I am going to try soon) and I do have spots for beads and one for cords and ribbons. That is as far as I will go. LOL Glad you got a kick out of this.


      Comment by stregajewellry | January 9, 2012 | Reply

  2. I love this post! You made me smile! I am one of those who posted her goals for 2012–but I like yours better! 😉


    Comment by Linda Landig | January 8, 2012 | Reply

  3. Linda, you had some good resolutions. You people make me CRAZY, you are so organized and I am such a SPAZZ!!! It’s okay though, there is a method to my madness! I am happy that my post made you smile.


    Comment by stregajewellry | January 9, 2012 | Reply

  4. Ha Ha! I gave up on those resolutions a long time ago. And no new year’s resolution could organize my mess! I can definitely relate to your post.


    Comment by Roxanne Coffelt | January 10, 2012 | Reply

    • Roxanne, whether others believe it or not, there IS a method to our madness!!! LOL


      Comment by stregajewellry | January 11, 2012 | Reply

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