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Bronze work

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on jewelry since my son was hurt.   I try to do some small things to help out with laundry or kids.   I spend the night and watch little Nikolai so his mom can go to work.   By the time I get home in the morning……do what I have to do around the house….it’s almost time to go to work again.   SIGH.

Thanks to some family pitching in, I didn’t have to stay with Nikolai last night and managed to finish up two of the pieces I fired during the Lost Weekend (see prevous blog post).

This copper bracelet is one piece I am going to keep for myself.   I do love copper a lot and I think this piece will attract attention and invite conversation.   I decided not to put a patina on this.   I like the brightness.   I like the shine.   I think I will let it patina itself naturally.

copper bracelet

My wrist is so tiny, I put a double row of coppr chains.   I am wearing it today to work.

I made this bronze piece with a ripply pattern and loved the natural patina after firing.   I added a forged bronze bale and hung it from a velvet cord.   I’d like to keep this one also but………..darn it….I can’t keep everything.   I’ll be listing it in the shop tomorrow.  The pattern has a New Orleans voodoo feel to me.   I have to come up with a “name” for the piece.



Finished piece


I really love working with the bronze and copper clay and plan on making many more pieces …… soon as I get some time.



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