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My Pantone Trendy Beads

Pantone came out with a new fall color chart.  How in the world can people keep up with the trendy scene?

Pantone fall colors

How in the world do people keep up with these “trendy” fashion waves?   Lucky for me that some of these colors are already my favorites.   When winter things went on sale in the spring, I bought three new sweaters with matching vests and hats to go with them.   The only thing I lacked was jewelry.


What I call “plum” is the new phlox.  What I call “dark turquoise” is the new deep teal.   What I call “chocolate brown is the new espresso and what I call “creamy tan” is the new nougat.   Wow, was I ever ahead of my time!
Anyhow, I had a flyer from JoAnn Fabrics for some 40 and 50 percent off coupons so I took a trip to see if I could find any pretty beads.  I also had three $10 tips for a grand total of thirty dollars to spend that wasn’t even my own money!   You can’t beat that!   I sure did luck out that day.
The JoAnn store near me has just been transformed into a superstore, so they have a large selection of anything and everything.   I found these wonderful little packages of acrylic beads in fabulous colors!  As a rule, I use acrylics once in a blue moon.   I never go out and buy them.   BUT…….these new acrylics are amazing!   They look like stones.   They look like glass.   They look glizty!   Let me show you two of the necklaces I made with these acrylics and some colored chain.   I decided on the longer length that comes to the belly as that seems to be the “trendy” thing to wear these days.

fabulous phlox colors!

Let me do a couple of close-ups so you can see how cool these beads can be!
I put together a “brown” necklace with deep chocolate, ooops, excuse me, espresso, beads, amber colors and copper chain.

espresso, amber and copper, very trendy

I also bought teal and black and white with gray acrylic beads.   I have worn all of them and have orders for one teal, one brown, 4 phlox and two black and white necklaces!   Hooray for Pantone’s trends!

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