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Macro Mushroom Saga

The battle of the grapevine continues.   “The Boys” and I raked and burned today and finally finished getting rid of all the vine that David cut.   We raked up dead twigs and hauled dead branches from the plum tree and pretty much cleared out the debris that was cluttering the ground.
While we were working, we found a very curious thing:   a patch of mushrooms.   Now, that might not seem exciting to the average person but these sure did look like Morels!   Around here, there are a lot of avid mushroom hunters who go out every spring to hunt down Morels.   I’m told that they sell for many dollars a pound.   Each hunter is jealous of “his spot” and will never tell where he found them.   There is a lot of friendly competition, joshing and kidding and the man with the biggest and best wins!
Imagine my excitement when I found a whole cluster of them right in my back yard!   Well, they sure look like Morel mushrooms!

Mr. Morel? Or not?

So, I called my friend,  who has hunted mushrooms for eons and he asked me questions and yes, it did look phallic to me

top view

and yes, there were a lot of them, and no, we didn’t eat any.   Then I asked him if he ever heard of Morels popping up in the fall.   He never has but he said that the freaky weather we have had this year with  a long dry spell, then a cold snap, then some warm spring rain could have made them pop out totally out of season.   Impossible to say without looking at them.   Morels usually grow near elm trees but they like shady woodsy spots and we could not count them out just because it was a plum tree.   He told me there was a mushroom called a False Morel that looked similar but would make you sick if you ate it.   So, I got on the internet and looked up False Morels but all I could find was a drawing type illustration, not a photo.   To me, it didn’t look much like what I had found.

false morel

I was going to rush back out and pick the darned things so I could take them to his shop the next day and find out for sure if they were Morels, but I got caught up in looking at the other pictures on the ‘net.   When I went back outside, I found that a couple of boys and a dog had been running through the newly cleared area and the mushrooms were MUSH!   SIGH!    I should have told them to stay out of there!
 And what the heck was the Supervisor doing?   I left HIM in charge!

The Supervisor

Anyhow, I’ll have to wait until spring to find out if the mushrooms come back, and believe me, I will fence off that piece of ground if I have to.   According to my friend, they don’t always come back to the same spot.   Believe me, I am making that “sacred ground”.   Do you have any idea what bragging rights I will have when all the veteran ‘shroom hunters come trooping home with their finds and I pull out my big fat morels and say, “Oh, I just walked out the back door and there they were.   They come to ME!”    tee hee   I have a dream…..
That’s it for this macro Sunday.   Follow this link to check out some other great macro shots.   Oh, and if you like nature shots, check out   Some beautiful shots from Michigan!

studio waterstone


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  1. Just don’t eat them until you know for sure. I’m not an expert, and I don’t like mushrooms, but I’ve seen them, and the ones I’ve seen are lighter colored where yours are dark. But that may just be a regional difference.


    Comment by Roxanne | September 19, 2011 | Reply

    • There is no danger of me eating mushrooms without an expert opinion! LOL. I would prefer that the expert view them where they are growing also. I don’t even eat ones that hunters offer to me unless I really know the hunter well and trust their judgement. The boys and I have too much fun to take a chance of killing myself with a mystery mushroom. Thanks Tai!


      Comment by stregajewellry | September 19, 2011 | Reply

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