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macro reggae sunday

One of my favorite festivals of the whole year is the Reggae Festival.   It’s usually cool enough to really truly enjoy the music and it is held in downtown Dayton at Dave Hall Plaza, a pretty park area.  There is a grassy knoll where all the kids can run and play tag and wear themselves out, a huge area where the bands are set up and people can dance,  tremendous speakers so you can hear the music all over the park, streets blocked off and vendors of goods and delicious food.  Best of all, my favorite place is the woody area with ponds (blue dyed waterfalls) and some of the most interesting rocks!

Here are my macro Reggae pictures of rocks and pond because, once again, it is macro Sunday!

big fall leaf

blue falls and foam

cool rock by the pond

rolling water

another cool rock

reflections in the water

As usual, two of my best guys went along and we had a blast!

two of my best guys!

Follow this link to Waterstone Studio where a lot of macro lovers meet and share their pictures!
studio waterstone


September 5, 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. beautiful photos, love the blue water and foam, brilliant colour


    Comment by Tamara | September 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks Tamara. This is one of my favorite spots in the city. It’s a really pretty place.


    Comment by stregajewellry | September 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. Love the picture of the leaf – the color and veins on the leaf is fantastic! I love water and rock shots and those are awesome!


    Comment by Beth | September 5, 2011 | Reply

    • I don’t know what kind of leaves they are but they are HUGE! The little boys thought they looked like the “tree star” leaves in the Land Before Time movie.


      Comment by stregajewellry | September 5, 2011 | Reply

  4. How beautiful! Love the blue water.


    Comment by Lori | September 5, 2011 | Reply

  5. Of course the boys had to play in that blue water and get their hands all blue! It’s so pretty they could not resist.


    Comment by stregajewellry | September 6, 2011 | Reply

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