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Crocodile Rock

This stone has many names:  Crockodile jasper, Kambaba jasper, Kambarmby,Cambabmba, Kumbara, Brecciated Army jasper, Camo stone, and Green Stromatolite Alga are some of them.   It is mined in Madagascar.   To me, it looks exotic.   I love the muted shades of green and they do remind me of a crocodile, hiding deep in the waters of some faraway jungle.

It is a sedimentary stone of fossilized algae, hence the name stomoatolite which simply means a mass of algae.   The base color is a bluish gray-green  and has mottled patterns of black spots.   The many colors come from interaction of biological and sedimentary processes and the chemistry involved in mineral exchange.  This jasper is sort of a history of our planet’s biological activity over thousands of years.   It is formed by the trapping, binding, and cementing of sedimentary grains of microorganisms, especially blue-green algae.   Precambrian stromatolite is theoldest of all fossils.  It shows a record of growht patterns of colonies of tiny organisms.

Sometimes, Kambaba jasper is confused with Nebula Stone.   There is a difference if you look at them together.   Nebula stone is a volcanic rock with a dark green, almost black matrix made up from quartz and Anothoclase.    It has “eyes” which are composed of rediating fibers of Rebekcite and Aegierine.  I’ve pictured them side by side so you can see the difference.

Kambaba Jasper

nebula stone

Some spiritualists believe that kambaba jasper can soothe nerves and ease the wearer’s mental state. It is believed by some to bring balance and relaxation, and like all jaspers, it is a stone of protection and grounding. Some even think that kambaba jasper can aid with plant growth, specifically in dry envronments with poor soil quality.

Physically, some believe kambaba jasper can aid with healing after an illness, by helping the body absorb vitamins and minerals while expelling toxins.

I recently acquired some Kambaba beads and thought that the greens would be complimented by a deep patina copper.   I also used some copper colored Swarovski glass pearls to brighten the greens.     This is the first set I made, a necklace and earrings.   It’s listed in my shop.

necklace of crocodile rock


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